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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Garrison Fewell/John Tchicai/Paolino Dalla Porta - Lugano 2006

Long time no postings ... some old stuff still available, but here's a new one, of which alas I've not run accross any better version than this, my own, taped off a mono radio (one of those Tivoli ones, very good sound, but mono nonetheless) onto minidisc (yeah, really, it's been a while).

This is dedicated to Garrison Fewell who died much too young early in July, and to John Tchicai, who once spent an afternoon at my kitchen table, generously answering whatever odd questions about a distant past I shot at him.

May the music live on!

Read this and check out the photos of Fewell and Tchicai.

And don't forget to grab your copy of their wonderful LP "Tribal Ghosts" (Tchicai and Fewell with Charlie Kohlhase, Cecil McBee and Billy Hart) on NoBusiness.

Garrison Fewell - John Tchicai - Paolino Dalla Porta
Lugano (Switzerland), Studio 2, RSI
March 18, 2006

John Tchiai - tenor saxophone
Garrison Fewell - guitar
Paolino Dalla Porta - bass

1. unknown (John Tchicai) 7:15
2. unknown (Garrison Fewell) 9:05
3. Cosmological Arguments (John Tchicai) 2:14
4. unknown (John Tchicai) 4:04
5. The Queen of Ra (Garrison Fewell) 10:48
6. Game Number Seven (Paolino Dalla Porta) 4:43

TT: 38:11

Source: RSI 2 "Concerto Jazz" / 2006-07-16
Lineage: FM (mono) > Minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Note: radio announcements were deleted from the actual listening edit, but I've included them, hoping for some more track IDs - please comment if you can help!


ubu said...

FLAC + info here

ubu said...

It was brought to my attention that #3 was missing - very sorry about that - here it is!

ubu said...

And, going forward, here's the entire set, nothing missing (I'll let the above two links die eventually but will try and keep this alive):

Fewell/Tchicai/Dalla Porta - Lugano 2006

sandor essedy said...

thanks a lot & happy you're back cornegidouille!

ubu said...

... je suis le roi peut-être !


JC said...

Thanks ubu. Nice to see some activity here. Reminds me I had a few short things around here that were asked about I need to post.