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Monday, September 23, 2013

Andrew Hill - Lugano 2004

This was up here before ... one of my favourite Hill recordings of more recent vintage. Might well be the complete concert - the Hill discography doesn't really help though, it only has the shorter, FM source (CD1 #3-5, CD2 #1-3, CD2 #4) listed.

Andrew Hill Quartet
Concerto Jazz Rete Due
Lugano (CH), Studio 2, RSI
March 13, 2004

Greg Tardy - tenor sax, clarinet
Andrew Hill - piano
John Hebert - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

1. But Not Farewell (11:18)
2. unknown (13:36)
3. Dedication (10:00)
4. Cantarnos (17:35)
5. 11/8 (Theme) (0:52)

1. unknown > Ann AH (11:24)
2. unknown > Ann AH (19:44)
3. Bass Intro > Ashes (15:54)
4. 11/8 (Theme) (3:11) [splice @ 2:46]
5. unknown (14:08) [encore]

All compositions by Andrew Hill

TT: 117:46

CD1 #1-2, CD2 #4 (from splice to end), CD2#5:
Sound: A-
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-08-16
Lineage: Hotbird Sat > nexus-s > HDD > BeLight > Cool Edit Pro (separating tracks) > flac (hotbird sat uses MPEG1 Layer 2/192 kbps)

CD1 #3-5, CD2 #1-3, CD2 #4 (from beginning to splice):
Sound: A/A- (stereo)
Source: RSI 2 broadcast > seeded on dime by relyles (#38309)
Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC > CDR > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (see editing note below) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Edits to previous (dime) source:
- cut 0:12-0:43 of CD2#3 (fm talk)
- corrected mark CD2#2/#3 (moved mark to after deleted fm talk)
- separated CD1#4 and CD1#5
- split mono applause onto end of CD2#4 (it was cut @ 2:46)

Note: some applause is missing on the tracks from the previous dime seed, the complete version (if only the digital source would have been used) would have been 118:23


ubu said...

FLAC + info:

sasha said...

Hey big respect to you ubu..You have seriously en-riched my musical horizons..I've lost count of many gems have come my way through you..And now this..Many thanks.

zardoz1984 said...

I know, I know: never ask for a reup but I was away for a long time & saw you posted a gorgeous archive from dear late Andrew Hill in Lugano 2004. I could catch the 2 last parts of the file but the first is gone. So have listened only to the 2nd part of that amazing concert & I'm happy with that.
But, if someday you could reup AndrewHill_20040313_Lugano_ubu.part1.rar, you'll make somebody happier.
Keep on leaving us some good messages from now & then. & "surtout, ne travaillez jamais"!