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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome to my blog

This blog will be used to post music in high-quality MP3 format. Jazz music, that is, in most of the cases.

Live music and rarities only, usually no full albums, maybe a favourite track taken from a disc or a platter once in a while, but mainly so-called R.O.I.O.s: "Records of Indeterminate Origin".

No requests shall be accepted. This is simply for my own fun, so please accept what you'll get and don't bug me for more!

Also this will be material I do not post in lossless format over on, because it was taped originally in longplay format on minidisc (and thus considered lossy and not allowed on dime), yet I still feel like sharing it since it sounds good to me and the music's worth being heard, too.

I hope you'll enjoy!


marabou said...


Thanks for doing this. I think it's a great idea. Ubu's Space is already bookmarked for regular visits.

Rodney said...

Adventurous! Ditto marabou's comments entirely. And thanks for the RR link too. Well done!

ubu said...

Thanks, you two! I hope you'll enjoy some of the music that I'll post, as well...

No plans for what's to come, I'll just slowly go through my unedited and not-yet-digitized minidisks and see what's not fit for dime and post that here.

H&H said...


You have a nice place here ; I guess I will be a regular. Unfortunately I can't manage to get a dime account at he moment, but I see that you have posted some other links. Merci beaucoup, et à bientôt.


P.S : I have some roios on my blog, and some lps too

ubu said...

Merce pour tes mots gentils! Je connais ton blog et j'adore tes pochette à la hatOLOGY!

Please share the link to my blog! I'm only getting started and would welcome some readers and some comments & discussion of the music!

centrifuge said...

ubu, or john, is this you?? it's taken me several days to get round to even looking properly after i said i would - have been rather busy... now i'm very curious to know what's going on round here :)

you're another dod-head then? i haven't yet even attempted to get into that but i know atanase has a lot of respect for them... anyway i'm gonna have a poke around, speak later..!

c x

ubu said...

sorry it took me so long to reply - ubu is not john... my initials are the same as jesus christs, except the first is an f, not a j...

I am quite active on dime, as you can see from the stuff I like to on my blog, all of these are my own dime uploads, most often of things I taped myself, too.

centrifuge said...

i do apologise! i am getting you confused with someone else...

no problem about the late reply, i only just remembered to come back and check ;-)