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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lisette Spinnler Quintet - Basel 2005 - now on dime

Here's a beautiful set of music by one of the most talented young jazz singers of the Swiss scene, Lisette Spinnler from Basle:

It really was quite a surprise for me to hear this show on radio - I did have no expectations whatsoever and it was an extremely pleasant surprise! Spinnler has a beautiful voice and does lots of improvising, the band is great, with pianist Colin Vallon providing some beautiful compositions as well. The music of this group - it's a group, really, not just a singer with a backing band - has influences from African music and isn't afraid of playing (with) beautiful melodies. A great show, in my opinion!


Lisette Spinnler - Siawaloma
Jazzfestival Basel 2007
Basel (CH), Alte Kaserne, Reithalle
April 27, 2007

Lisette Spinnler - vocals
Alex Hendriksen - tenor sax & flute
Colin Vallon - piano
Bänz Oester - bass
Michi Stulz - drums

FM intro (2:37)
1. Peace Piece (Bill Evans) 9:14 >
2. Siawaloma (Vallon) 15:32
3. Announcement LS (0:30)
4. La Condition Humaine (Vallon) 9:48
5. Announcement LS (0:28)
6. The Breeze (Hendrickson) 7:19
7. unknown (8:19)
FM talk (0:15)
8. Kothbiro (Ayub Ogada) 6:54 [from "The Constant Gardener"]
FM outro (0:09)

TT: 61:09

Sound: A (mono)
Source: DRS 2 "Jazz Live" / 2007-06-15
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & seeded by ubu

"Siawaloma" is a word from Burkina Faso and means something like "Community".

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