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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malcolm Braff & Contrechamps - Cully 2007 - now on dime

My latest seed on dime is dedicated (once again, must be the fourth or fifth) to the great pianist Malcom Braff from the Romandie (via Senegal and a few other places).
Braff leads various projects, my favourite being the trio Braff-Oester-Rohrer. Another trio he has with Alex Blake on bass (he's familiar from working with Randy Weston) and Yaya Ouattara on percussion a review of their album "Yele" on Unit Records can be read here (in french).
Then Braff also leads a larger ensemble, "T.N.T.", with Bänz Oester on bass and Yaya Ouattara on percussion, and added musicians Matthieu Michel or Flavio Boltro (trumpet), Samuel Blaser (trombone), Cyrille Bugnon (sax), Minino Gary (percussion) and Julio Barreto (drums).
All of these bands and another earlier one ("3io Qwartet", a piano trio with bassist Patrice Moret and drummer Pascal Portner) have been subject of dime seeds of mine.

I'll also have a special Braff recording for the blog, a duo set with trombonist Samuel Blaser, sometime in the future.

Anyway, the show now up on dime is a special thing, featuring Braff with the classical chamber ensemble Contrechamps. The original idea was that Braff would re-arrange compositions by György Ligeti, but he was denied to do that by the heirs/owners of rights and hence proceeded to write his own music. The outcome of this, a 35 minute work, as well as a 10 minute solo improvisation as encore, can now be heard on dime, here:

Also check out Malcolm Braff's MySpace site!


Malcolm Braff & Ensemble Contrechamps - Hommage à Ligeti
Cully Jazz 2007
Cully (CH), Chapiteau
March 30, 2007

Malcolm Braff - piano
Ensemble Contrechamps
directed by Antoine Marguier

Hommage à Ligeti (Braff)
Pièces pour piano jazz et ensemble orchestral (Braff)

1. A - Loup (17:30)
2. Entonnoir - Dames - Phrase (18:13)

Malcolm Braff - piano solo

3. Improvisation (10:42)

TT: 50:15

Sound: A (mono)
Source: RSR 2 "JazzZ" / 2007-06-18
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & seeded by ubu


As for the members of the Contrechamps ensemble, neither the RSR website nor the announcements of the broadcast gave any specifics - here's the band members listing from their website:

Natasa Maric, flute
Béatrice Zawodnik, oboe
René Meyer, clarinet
Olivier Darbellay, french horn
Alberto Guerra, bassoon
Gérard Métrailler, trumpet
Andrea Bandini, Jean-Marc Daviet, trombone
Serge Bonvalot, tuba
HaeSung Choe, Nicolas Jéquier, Daniel Rowland, violin
Geneviève Strosser, viola
Daniel Haefliger, Olivier Marron, violoncelle
Jonathan Haskell, Noëlle Reymond, double bass
Anne Bassand, harp
Bahar Dördüncü, piano
Sébastien Cordier, Thierry Debons, François Volpé, percussion

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