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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sal Nistico - Locarno 1985 - now on dime

Another upload on dime, by a musician I can't remember seing up there before: Sal Nistico

BLOGGER SUCKS! I lost my text twice already, don't feel like tiping it up a third time and then losing it when I hit "save now" - ha!
Here's what I typed up in a notepad, but it's only a third of what was supposed to be here:

Joe Haider has his own label, JHM (Joe Haider Music), where one of his fine early albums, 1971's "Katzenvilla" with Isla Eckinger and Pierre Favre, is available on CD, as well as a great double disc release by the Slide Hampton - Joe Haider Orchestra, "Give Me a Double", featuring such fine musicians as Dexter Gordon, Benny Bailey and Idrees Sulieman. This was recorded live in 1974.

Also read this interview done by Tubby Hayes.

I also made mention of the three great Woody Herman "Jazz Casual" shows. They're available commercially and Nistico uses every chance he gets to shine there!


Sal Nistico
Concerto Jazz Rete Due
Locarno (CH), Zingara
April 26, 1985

Sal Nistico - tenor sax
Joe Haider - piano
Peter Frei - bass
Billy Brooks - drums

FM Intro (0:41)
1. unknown (18:13)
2. There Will Never Be Another You (Warren-Gordon) 18:15
3. The Theme (Miles Davis) 4:34
4. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Arlen-Mercer) 16:13
5. unknown (11:45)
FM outro (0:19)

TT: 70:03

Sound: A-
Source: RSI 2 "Jazz live di mezzanotte" / 2006-04-21
Lineage: FM > minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Taped, transferred & seeded by ubu

Note: I labelled this as "part 1" - either I missed part 2 of these 2006 re-broadcasts, or there wasn't any, I can't remember. #3 is a set-closer, so likely this is culled from two sets, which makes me think it's rather unlikely that there was a second re-broadcast.

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