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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mal Waldron Quintet - Lugano 1984 - Exclusif

Dime is getting a bit of an overkill again lately... I've had a fast access while on vacation in Vienna and filled up most of the empty space on my computer while being there... hence my decision to put last night's recording up here, rather than on dime - I hope you approve of that decision!

It would be nice to get a bit of feedback and maybe some discussion of the music, too!

Also if anyone feels like doing a cover (faux hatOLOGY?) that would be cool!
Edit: cover art by couw (thanks a lot!)

Find the link to a PDF version in the comments!


Mal Waldron Quintet
Estival Jazz Lugano 1984
Lugano (CH), Piazza della Riforma
July 4, 1984

Woody Shaw - trumpet
Charlie Rouse - tenor sax
Mal Waldron - piano
Reggie Workman - bass
Ed Blackwell - drums

FM intro (1:24)
1. Fire Waltz (17:45)
2. Soul Eyes (9:33)
3. What It Is (23:09)
4. The Git Go (9:48)
5. Judy (14:35)
FM outro (0:35)

All Compositions by Mal Waldron

TT: 76:53

Sound: A- (mono)
Source: RSI 2 "Live di mezzanotte" / 2007-07-18
Lineage: FM > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & shared by ubu

Note: this is announced by the fm announcer as the Waldron/Shaw Quintet but this was clearly Waldron's band - his are all the tunes, he does the only talking, and there are official releases by this band as well.


MP3 @ 320 kbs | Winrar, 55.6 MB | Download Link


This has the same form as my dime seeds usually have, except it's in MP3 (@ 320 kbs), not in FLAC. The recording is in mono (I have a Tivoli Audio Model One tuner which is mono but sound is very good - as you could check in my Romano-Sclavis-Texier recording shared over here) and Rete Due (RSI 2) hasn't got the most stellar radio sound, but of course the music is terrific!

I hope many of you will enjoy! Please spread the word and share the music!


ubu said...

There's a stereo MP2 (digi-fm @ 192 kbs) version up on dime now:

I am grabbing it myself, I guess it sounds a bit better than my own. If there's interest, I can put that up here - but don't ask me for explanations how to proceed with MP2 files, you'll need some software again to handle them...

Niko said...

listened to this on my way home from work and liked it very very much; i got seagulls of kristiansund by the same band from zweitausendeins a few weeks ago and i would say, despite the sound quality, the lugano broadcast grabbed me more and faster, not as sure about Woody Shaw, but Charlie Rouse is so great on this! thank you!

Frédito said...

Thanks UBU, I just grabbed the Dime version.
I would be delighted to make a cover art, if I can handle the trayer dimensions, for I assume some of you put this kind of wonders on cd. I'll see about that, but if someone comes up with a cover of his own in the meantime, I won't be angry :o)


ubu said...

Thanks for the kind words! I got a cover from our good friend couw, get the PDF version here:

Thanks a lot to mr. couw for his prime work!

Frédito said...

What a gorgeous cover !
Thanks gentlemen

hideo said...

great set, great cover

thanks for upping this for those of us torrent-less

hideo said...

ubu, completely off the topic, but where in the blazes did you find Michael Garrick's "Moonscope" on RS?????

ubu said...

I got the Garrick as CD, it has just been reissued on CD and LP by that madman Johnny Trunk:

PS: Be warned that the Herbie Hancock also available or to become available soon isn't really a Herbie project, read more about it here:

cvllos said...

Dear Mr Ubu, as any jazz-maniac, I got back to your site on the hunt of any precious recording available for the torrents -less as Hideo called. And look what I found and still RS active links! It was worthwhile my searching! Thanks for your work!

Ilias said...

Great,great!!Thank you, Ubu!!