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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bright Moments - Roland Kirk on dime & right here, too!

In between the Tete flood, I put up some Roland Kirk shows on dime, some with Tete and/or Walter Bishop one with George Gruntz, and one with Andrew Hill (yup, the Newport 1962 concert).

Here are the links to the dime seeds:
Roland Kirk - Berlin, Milan & Paris 1964 (with Tete & Walter Bishop)
Roland Kirk - Copenhagen 1963 (with Tete)
Roland Kirk - Bremen 1963 (with George Gruntz)
Roland Kirk - Newport 1962 (with Andrew Hill)

These shows further include some very fine rhythm sections, such as Paul Rovère/Daniel Humair (w/Gruntz), Vernon Martin/Clifford Jarvis (w/Hill), Jimmy Woode or Tommy Potter/Kenny Clarke (w/Tete & Walter Bishop, add Sonny Stitt and J.J. Johnson for some tracks, too), and of course NHOP/J.C. Moses on the Copenhagen show w/Tete, the same band as on the official live material released as "Kirk in Copenhagen" and in its entirety (well, almost) on "Rahsaan", the fantastic 10CD complete Mercury box.

Now the Newport and Bremen shows have partly been released: one title from the Newport set appeared as a bonus on the Rahsaan box, and several Bremen titles have been part of a great 3CD set on one of Joel Dorn's doomed operations, 32 Jazz, titled "Dog Years in the Fourth Ring", which was a fantastic compilation of 2CDs worth of live material from various concerts, and on disc 3 brought the great Atlantic album "Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata" into CD age. This came out in 1997 and is highly recommended (but I guess it's also highly unlikely to stumble over by now).

Anyway, look for the download links in the comments to fill the gaps in my dime seeds - these tracks have *not* been lifted off the Mercury and 32 Jazz sets, but are from the same source my dime seeds were taken from - hence sound is less good, it's just that I find it nice to have these shows in their entirety, even more so as the Bremen seed has some announcements for tunes that then don't follow...

Bright Moments!


ubu said...

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

Anonymous said...

How about providing it all in MP3 CBR 320 for the rest of us? Or FLAC if need be. Anyway thanks.

ubu said...

what makes you think I'm going to upload stuff to anonymous requests?

I have a live elsewhere, and I got part of the dime community via the old-fashioned trading route... I am taping stuff, I am doing trades, I share music on dime - all of this is a lot of work, and I simply can't put everything up again here, too (if I had faster upload, I might, but not the way it is). Anyway, why put it up here when it's on dime, just keep trying and you'll get in there!

And remember: it's about giving and taking, not just grabbing and running! If you feel like requesting something in such a short and impolite comment, you might also first leave a few positive comments and share your identity to have better chances I might answer your request...

Totoro is My Name said...

Thank you, Ubu. I've just discovered how great Roland is.

cba said...

Oh boy oh boy from today's post to Yamashita, from Yamashita to Kirk /Hill , will this delicious pain nevers end?
An i should live my desk for 5 minutes :-)
"ok ok i'm coming" (my wife is driving crazy) give me "just 1 minute for a request" (if this blog would exist by the 80's i guess i would never be maried)

Roland Kirk - Newport 1962 (with Andrew Hill)
any chance to have this here?

thanks a lot in advance & for all.

"i'm coming, i'm comiing"

Mictlán ADD™ said...

Wow!! I just discovered this!! This is awesome!! I haven't tried the links yet, but I couldn't help notice what that other anonymous guy said. It would be grate if we could listen to Roland Kirk in a lossless format like ALAC :)