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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Duke & Ella

no one from the dimers who dowloaded my Anita and Tete sets seem to have found their way over here to grab the third set I have from Antibes 1966, so here's a post dedicated to this one in the open, as opposed to the "easter egg", as which it had been disguised before...

I assume all or most of this is on the big 8CD box of Duke & Ella in Antibes - too much of a good thing for me - I love Duke and own the RCA set, the Capitol and Reprise Mosaics, the recent Storyville box, the Private Collection, the Carnegie Hall Concerts, and a whole bunch of single CD reissues, too, from Columbia, Bethlehem, Blue Note, Impulse etc. - but I'm not that big an Ella fan... and 1966 was past the Duke's prime, too...

Anyway, this short set, radio-sourced, is certainly nice to have! Links in the comments, all info included with the DL.


ubu said...

Part 1:

Part 2:


Kartoffelsat+jazz said...

Great! I do have this great PT sets but on cassette...thank you very much i'm very glad to listen it again!

ubu said...

it's rather astonishing that these links are still good - I got no reactions or comments on these, as you can see, so thanks for caring!

jd said...

I am great fan of both Ella and Duke
so am looking forward to hearing
I have collected quite some
albums of especially Ella, so let me know if you might be looking for something

JD said...

I have listed to the set tonight
and must say great piece of work by you and thank you for that

Thanks for this nice contribution

ubu said...

Hey, good to see some still check out the old posts, and even better you're enjoying the music!