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Friday, August 03, 2007

Taktlos 2007 - now on dime

Here's the first of three broadcasts, upped yesterday:
The second seed, including my own audience taping of the Sclavis 5 gig:
And here's the third, just getting started:


Taktlos 07 (1/3)  - Zürich (CH), Rote Fabrik
Guy-Crispell-Lytton - June 2, 2007
Marilyn Crispell (p), Barry Guy (b), Paul Lytton (d)
1. 17:26 [inspired by Max Ernst's painting "Phases of the Night"] (short dropout @ 5:16)
2. 8:43 [inspired by an Yves Tanguy painting]
3. 12:18 [inspired by a Dorothea Tanning painting]
4. 15:40 [inspired by a Wilfredo Lahm painting]
TT: 54:09
Note: this is the complete set

Das Kapital - June 1, 2007
Daniel Erdman (sax), Hasse Poulsen (g,elec), Edward Perraud (perc)
5. 23:07 [excerpt]

Note: this is part of the opening event which also included film shown simultaneously with the music, the music actually interacted with the film material (or so said the radio announcer - I wasn't there that night...)

TT: 77:16

Sound: A (mono)
Source: DRS 2 "Neue Musik im Konzert" / 2007-07-18
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & seeded by ubu


Taktlos 2007 (2/3)  - Zürich (CH), Rote Fabrik

CD1 - Louis Sclavis - L'imparfait des langues - June 3, 2007
Louis Sclavis - bass clarinet, soprano sax
Marc Baron - alto sax
Paul Brousseau - keys, samples, electronics
Maxime Delpierre - guitar, electronics
François Merville - drums
1. Le verbe (12:50)
2. Archéologie (11:15)
3. Annonce (11:03)
4. Story of a Phrase (12:44)
5. L'idée du dialecte (20:05)
6. Applause (1:55)
7. Palabre (6:55) [encore]
TT: 76:50

Notes: this is the complete concert. some tracks may begin with or end in another tune - I am not very familiar yet with the quintet's disc (ECM 1954 / 2007)

CD2 - Homberger-Demierre-Schütz-Lovens - Matthäus Passion - June 2, 2007
Christoph Homberger - tenor (vocals)
Jacques Demierre - piano
Martin Schütz - violoncello & electronics
Paul Lovens - drums
1. Matthäus-Passion (J.S. Bach + Free Improvisation) 24:59 [excerpt]

TT: 101:50

*** CD1#2-5,CD2 ***
Sound: A (mono)
Source: DRS 2 "Neue Musik im Konzert" / 2007-07-25
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

*** CD1#1,6,7 ***
Sound: A-/B+ (very narrow stereo, in fact mono, too...)
Source: audience recording (center, third or fourth row)
Lineage: crappy Sony mic > MD > analogue to HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Recorded & seeded by ubu


My comments to the third seed:

This is a much more experimental seed than the first (and second), if I hadn't seeded the first as jazz, I might have put this under avantgarde... but still, there's plenty of interest in the music, I hope!

The first band is a young experimental trio. They often have guests, but this was the first time, I think, that they had someone coming from "serious" music (E-Musik, as the darnded germans call it... fegh that differentiation between E and U!). Anyway, this is a sounds-based project, beats and bells and whirrs and birdcalls...

The second band is a pretty earthy one, in comparison... noise, rock, psychedelic influences melded together, originally in songs, by now in free improvs which incorporate elements of these songs. Both Flo Stoffner and Flo Götte are familiar from joerg and my own Harald Haerter seeds. Here they invited cellist/electronician Martin Schütz (part of the hardcore chambermusic trio Koch-Schütz-Studer).

The archives of the new website:

Taktlos 07 (3/3) - Zürich (CH), Rote Fabrik

Superterz & Marianne Schröder - June 1, 2007
Marcel Vaid (guitar, digital repeater, sampler, kalimba)
Ravi Vaid (synthesizer, sequencer, sampler)
Oliver Schmid (drums, e-drumpads, sampler, xylophon)
guest on #2: Marianne Schröder (piano)
1. Improvisation (22:03)
2. Improvisation (23:36)
TT: 45:39

Lauschangriff & Martin Schütz - June 3, 2007
Joy Frempong (voice) , Flo Stoffner (guitar), Flo Götte (electric bass), Luca Ramella (drums)
guest: Martin Schütz (electric cello, laptop)
3. Improvisation (27:51)
4. Improvisation (5:36) [inc]
TT: 33:28

TT: 79:08

Sound: A (mono)
Source: DRS 2 "Electronica" / 2007-08-01
Lineage: FM > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded & seeded by ubu


Frédito said...

Many thanks UBU for this nice series ; I took it on Dime, now I'll go listen !

ubu said...

I hope you'll enjoy!

Frédito said...

I do ; now listening to the Crispell-Guy-Lytton set. Track 2 starts very nicely. I like the delicate piano playing on this one.

Frédito said...

Both sets are excellent ; fascinating Das kapital

Thanks UBU

ubu said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying the listen, Sir!

Sclavis is the highlight for me - I was in the audience there and enjoyed the hell out of it!

Frédito said...

I listened to the most part of Sclavis ; the "meditative" or introspective pieces I enjoyed the most. Sometimes on the uptempo moments the keys and guitar add a "jazz rock" sound which is not my cup of tea. But it's a great concert indeed. Looking forward to the rets of it, and to Taktlos part 3 :o)

Frédito said...

I enjoyed Superterz & Marianne Schröder very much.
Was a bit distracted while the Homberger-Demierre-Schütz-Lovens set started, I'll get back to it soon.

Thanks for this very good documentation of Taktlos 2007 !