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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tete Montoliu & Dusko Goykovich - now on dime

The last two shares of my Tete flood on dime are up now:

a fine trio show: Tete Montoliu Trio - Köln 1990
and a sideman appearance: Dusko Goykovich - Schwabach 1971

Tete recorded two fine albums under Dusko's leadership, in quartet they did "Ten To Two Blues" (Ensayo), also known as "After Hours" (on Enja under that title), and "It's About Blues Time" (Ensayo - CD reissue on Freshsound Records) inquintet with Ferdinand Povel on tenor sax. The rhythm section on both is Robert Langereis (bass) and Joe Nay (drums), the albums were recorded in November 1971 in Barcelona. Both are recommended!

Original cover & Ensayo CD reissue:

Enja reissue, and finally the second album

Check out the Dusko Goykovich Discography on the Cosmic Sounds site!

And if you really feel like checking out Dusko, don't forget his classic album, "Swinging Macedonia" (I just got the CD version of that, courtesy of Enja, while I was in Vienna). A great album!

1 comment:

jazzlover said...

Goykovich, in my opinion, is a great trumpet player from the Balcans jazz. I've already not just Swinging Macedonia ( great album ) but many others like Snap Shot, Ten to two with Tete,Trumpets and Rytm etc...etc..,recently I got Bebop City Thats is great aswell. I enjoy the jazz they are playing in the balcans.