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Monday, November 26, 2007

Lester Young Live (9/16) - 1951-1952 with John Lewis, Hank Jones, Jo Jones, Max Roach (For Europeans Only #7)

Here's the last date with John Lewis, a date with Earl Knight, about whom I don't know anything, and a single JATP track with Hank Jones, Ray Brown and the late Max Roach (oh hell, if only Hank Jones will stay on a while!)

Lester Young – Live and private recordings in chronological order
Disc 9 /1951-1952

May 19, 1951
Lester Young Quintet
Birdland, New York City

Jesse Drakes t; Lester Young ts; John Lewis p; Gene Ramey; Jo Jones d
1. Indiana (Hanley-MacDonald) 7:23
2. A Ghost Of A Chance (Young-Washington-Crosby) 3:53
3. How High The Moon (Morgan Lewis) 6:28
4. D.B. Blues (Young) 3:13

August 4, 1951
Lester Young Quintet
Birdland, New York City

Jesse Drakes t; Lester Young ts; Earl Knight p; Gene Ramey or Aaron Bell b; Jo Jones or Joe Harris d
5. Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (Theme) (Young) / Up ‘N Adam (Young) 5:12
6. Blue And Sentimental (Basie-David-Livingston) 3:12
7. Neenah (Young) 4:56
8. Lester Leaps In (Young) / Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (Theme) (Young) 6:09

April 6, 1952
Jazz At The Philharmonic
Salle Pleyel, Paris, France

Lester Young ts; Hank Jones p; Ray Brown b; Max Roach
9. I Cover The Waterfront (Green-Heyman) 4:02


ubu said...

download link:

niko said...

thought i'd post this link to the original product here as nobody will look into the old discussions anyway

thank you so much for this great series!

Anonymous said...

too stupid to post the link... just go to
and do a search for
lester young private

ubu said...

Thanks for that link - so it's as I thought: an LP-sized box with four 4CD boxes, plus the booklet... mine is re-scaled (it's just photocopies) but I assume the original was LP-sized then, too... too bad I was born too late and don't have 400$ to give away...

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i'm really glad I stumbled upon your blog today. Thankyou so much for the Lester Young.

Nicola said...

Sorry, but I can't download the file from rapidshare...

ubu said...

Nothing to feel sorry about :-)

This file has been trolled as well, I haven't re-upped it so far, might do so later on.

ubu said...

new link

hulaboy said...

Thanks for the re-up, Ubu!

J said...

thanks for all your posting, this link is dead though. possible for re-up ?
thanks, jim

ubu said...


J said...

thanks so much ubu, got the whole set now.


ubu said...

Wow, that was fast, Jim!

And I was worrying if you'd actually notice the re-up or not...


J said...

I been refreshing that page every 5minutes since I asked for a repost :)
really do appreciate, I started listening to Lester Young because a local jazz program celebrated what would of been his 100th b'day. this set you have posted is very extensive, I'm working through the whole thing. thanks again, jim