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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Post #100 - Some Food for Thought

Some thoughts in this jubilee post.

The year has started in an utterly bad way, by now I'm quite depressed - our kitten has been away ever since we let her out late night on December 30th. I looked around and asked some neighbours, but no one has seen her later than we did... I'm by now slowly accepting the thought that we might never see her again.

Update: bad news: Alas, as we were hanging up some notes about our missing cat, we got news that she was picked up close by on 31st. This morning we were finally able to reach the person in charge, and indeed she died on the evening of the 31st of December - may she rest in peace - she brought us (and most notably me) many moments of joy, and she had a good life at our place (at least for the past five years, before she was pushed around a bit, but then we offered to take care of her, as I had fallen for her charms...) 


Then let me add a little bit of info for new readers of my blog.

:: 1 ::
I post music (tags: musical offerings, for europeans only, exclusif)

:: 2 ::
I post links to music that I share via that great bit torrent tracker, - usually I do not share that music here, too. Dime is lossless only, and my bandwidth isn't good enough to share lossless files via RS. Also it's a lot of work to create fully tagged MP3 files from the FLAC files I have prepared for dime upload - so please don't ask for me to share it all here, rather try your luck and join dime. Dime, btw, is a place where you have to give in order to take - just some food for thought! (tags: dime pointers)

:: 3 ::
I sometimes post some thoughts, reviews, whatever (tags so far: cinema, concert reviews, literature, on the air, recommendations, references, reflectativity, remembering, reissues, varia)
If I mention a concert I've had the luck to attend, that doesn't mean I have taped it, so quite possibly the answer to obnoxious requests is: no, I don't have any links, I don't even have a tape. And if I had a tape, it would go up on dime anyway (see #2).

I hope this clears some things!

Something else, about politeness etc: I don't see much of a point in anonymous comments (or comments from people with "profile not available").
Also, as live is - or in a more ideal world ought to be - "give and take", rather than "grab and run", I'd enjoy very much to see a few more comments from you who read and download what I post. Not just "thanks this is great" (that's far - I repeat: far! - better than not adding any comment at all), but I'd also enjoy some actual discussion of the music, some more comments in short that are more content than form!

Enough preaching and teaching for now - I hope you all had a more joyous start into 2008 than I had!


Slideguy said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. A pet is like family, and losing one is grievous.

I've read your request for good music conversation and will do my best -- and thanks for sharing!

Vancouver, BC Canada

Anonymous said...

Terribly sorry to hear about your poor little cat. I have one (Midre) that i've had since birth (hers...not mine) and she is the life of our household. In short, i can certainly sympathize.

Thanks for all of the great posts. Especially the Lester Young!! I was lucky enough to come across "the comnplete aladdin sessions" LP at the local brink and mortar. Amazing stuff!

Anyway...thanks again!

Best regards,


ubu said...

Thanks for your sympathy, Theo & slideguy, appreciated!

The Aladdin Sessions by Pres are among his most amazing recordings as a leader!
You should also look to find the 1944 session with Basie & Freddie Green (and I guess Jo Jones and probably Walter Page? Not sure about that, going from memory) - that session includes the blues "Blue Lester" (maybe it's not even a real blues but it oozes of blues feeling, for sure). That's one of the most beautiful recordings ever made, in my opinion!

You can find it on various Pres compilations, I assume, but also as part of the 2CD complete Savoy package that came out in that little series of black digipack releases on Savoy.

Anyway, "Blue Lester" gives me the chills each time I hear it!