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Saturday, May 03, 2008

South African jazz - fixed links & contributions

I noticed that some of the links in my big SA-jazz post weren't working any longer. Some of the things linked to just moved elsewhere on the wwww, and here's the place to put those links.


The general links are still good, and that AAJ site remains one of the best starting points. In the article section, several links aren't working any longer, though - here's a fixed list.


Another site about Abdullah Ibrahim:


The Development of South African Jazz (by Hotep Idris Galeta):
also here:

Forced removals in apartheid South Africa:

Bebop and beyond the blues – South African Jazz History:
moved to:

The article on the Drum Magazine has gone. It's the one linked to (dead link!) here:

That site where the Galeta and Bebop and beyond articles are up on is quite interesting by itself, go have a look:

There's an interview with guitar player Jimmy Dludlu up there, too:


I won't double check the musician links, sorry - too much work! But if you find other interesting sites, please do post them in the comments here!

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