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Friday, August 01, 2008

rants or comments?

I've had quite a few impatient, impolite, rude, rough, disrespectful, uncivil comments that more seemed to be like rants than comments. That makes it rather unpleasant to write this blog. I enjoy sharing some music, but I have a life outside of this blog (and away from the computer, too). I don't have the time nor the equipment (nor the money) to just fulfill all the wishes (and demands - who the hell really thinks he can ask anything from me? Do you know me or what?).

That should be clear enough.

Further I do understand that some readers' grasp of the english language might make it difficult to get all the twists and wrinkles. However, english is not my mothertongue either and it's sometimes difficult for me to find the right words as well.j I hope to treat these readers kindly in my reactions to their comments, and I hope I have apologized to all those whom I've treated a bit less kindly in the past.

Anyway, as english has become the lingua franca, I still feel like I am allowed to ask anyone dropping by here to actually read my posts. Sometimes you can only find some links when you actually read the whole thing, and if you don't please don't just post a question (or a threat) in the comments, alright? Show some kindness, behave politely, and now open one of your favourite beverages, spin some good tunes and relax!

Summer has arrived here a few weeks back, though it's been rainy and chilly in between, but still, summer may slow down my posting activities, here and elsewhere. I hope no one posts any unruly comments because of that...

I also won't allow any anonymous comments from now on. It's easy to sign up with any of the services that allow you to post here, believe me. If I could figure out how to write that blog, how to rip, tag, encode and upload music and more, I feel like I may ask for just a bit of patience and for grown-up and decent behaviour from anyone who drops by here. Understood?

Also, the ratio of comments vs. downloads is very much not in favour of the readers/downloaders. Possibly some don't realise the work and time I put into this blog, but I'd certainly appreciate a  shout now and then!


hookfinger said...

My friend - I have nothing but the utmost respect for what you do here. i have always tried to comment but i know on occasion I have been remiss. I have found stuff here I had only hoped to run across and this blog has turned me onto many a fine recording. i hope the negativity passes and you keep sharing. I myself am not smart enough to do this and I am thankful for your efforts. Please know that there are those among us who think very highly of what you do and are very appreciative.

And your english seems perfectly fine to me.

Owen said...


I just clicked the link to your blog specifically to leave a comment in your top thread thanking you for running such a wonderful place. Having read this I think it more important to pot this here instead.

I've only grabbed two titles from you (Your superb SA jazz samplers and the Moholo set) but I feel you run such a good show here I need to keep a close eye on it. please don't let the negativity of certain elements get you down.

Keep going, keep blogging, keep the music live!

Cheers, many thanks, and keep up the good work!

Owen (elsewhere sometimes known as point_moot)

PS. It's fantastic that you only offer unreleased material here. Blogsharing is far too often just another form of piracy, and the music world needs none of that.
PPS. I have my requests, but they can wait for another day. It's nice to be surprised.

ubu said...

thanks hookfinger & owen, for the kind words.
It just got a bit too much lately - almost no comments to my posts, and then some crap about me not being allowed to just post some scans if I can't offer the music, too - I mean, wtf, what do some people think? Whom do they consider themselves? God or what? Next step will be to put on comment moderation, but then I guess there wouldn't be any comments coming in at all...

jer.eps said...

Dear Ubu:

If you do not immediately agree to all my demands below, I will hold my breath and turn blue. Also, who do YOU think YOU are that you can decide what content YOU provide in YOUR blog? This is the Internet, and CIVILITY IS DEAD. Mob rule! Mob rule! Mob rule!

My Demands:
1. A jet airplane, fully fueled and stocked with those yummy oatmeal cookies they serve on jet planes
2. A stack of 20 Euro notes a foot high, plus a stack of 50 Euro notes ten feet high.
3. Soul Brothers 6, 10,000 Maniacs, and Five Guys Named Moe.
4. The release of all political prisoners currently being held by your government, including Saturn's own Sun Ra.
5. Anything else I can think of.

Failure to comply will result in the aformentioned blueness, as well as a harsh comment to your next post and some sort of retribution in the afterlife.

Strong letter to follow.

(I'm neither a mod nor a rocker.)

Good luck maintaining your outstanding blog and positive personality against all odds,

Your humble servant


ubu said...

Thanks for the laughs, j - needed that! Even more so as half an hour ago a neighbour called to complain about the big sound of Griff blaring out all of my open windows :(

jer.eps said...

And quit riding your bike across Granny Hines' lawn!

wightdj said...


Don't get discouraged. All publishing efforts attract unwanted dialogs-- it's generic and goes with the territory. It also is from the minority of your visitors. You exhibit great taste in music, closely aligned with my own, and have introduced all who visit here to some superb material. Please don't let your passion be extinguished.

Overdue thanks from me.

ubu said...

Thanks for the shout, wightdj - appreciated! For the moment, there's more to come (I'd have enough live shows to post one a day for ten years or so...) but time is short and I should really focus on other things, so I will slow down a bit, eventually... but no, right now I don't think about stopping!

jazztap said...

Just found your blog -- nice work. Just ignore those individual that are having a bad life -- they want someone to take it out on.