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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - February 27, 1976 (2/7)

Here's the second of seven Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart shows I'm uploading. For some more information, check out the first post of this little series:

Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart - February 1974


Radio Studio SWR, Villa Berg, Stuttgart (DE)
February 27, 1976

Paul Rutherford - trombone
Rüdiger Carl - tenor sax, clarinet, flute, accordion
Gerd Dudek - soprano & tenor sax, flute
Hans Reichel - guitar
Wolfgang Dauner - piano, synthesizer
Tristan Honsinger - cello, vocals
Raphael Don Garrett - bass

1. unknown (6:18)
2. unknown (11:50)
3. unknown (15:59)
4. unknown (21:27)

TT: 55:34 (55:41)

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast
Lineage: FM broadcast -> cassette (unknown gen) -> .wav -> flac (level 6)

NOTE: this has 2 second gaps!


ubu said...

FLAC + info

Reza said...

Incredible stuff , playing catch up now thanks again