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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Diana Krall - Marciac 2008

Here's a heavily edited short bit of Diana Krall, recorded live at Marciac in 2008. She's badmouthed in die-hard jazz circles, but I still think she's a pretty nice singer and a fine (if somewhat un-original) pianist. Her band includes guitarist Anthony Wilson, son of the great bandleader Gerald Wilson.

I downloaded this show from somewhere originally, and cut out the obnoxious radio announcer - typical French radio broadcast - they just can't shut up! And the worst is the guy usually waited until the applause was over and then, while the next song began, he started bullshitting - that explains why most of the titles or cut short somewhat. Most often it's only a few bars of the piano intros that are missing, but in one case, a whole 8 bars of the sing are missing. Now some may ask why I delete music - it's a personal preference: if I want to lean back and enjoy such a recording, I hate being interrupted by an announcer in between the music, even more so as the volume of these announcements is often considerably louder than the music itself. I'd be a happy passenger if all radio stations proceeded as Swiss Radio: some introductory words, then all the music there's time for, and a short outro at the end (usually they even fade out the applause *before* even opening their mouth).

Of course - as a small ceterum censeo - I do agree with any notion that the marketing of the pretty blonde is way over the top (I think it started around the time of what I still consider her finest album, "Love Scenes"). The funniest bit of it is the photo from the cover of her x-mas album, à la Balthus.

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Diana Krall
Jazz à Marciac
Marciac (France), Sous Chapiteau
August 7, 2008

Diana Krall (p,voc), Anthony Wilson (g), Bob Hurst (b), Jeff Hamilton (d)

1. The Look Of Love (4:06) [inc, fade-in]
2. Announcement DK (0:28)
3. I'll String Along (5:10) [inc, fade-out]
4. 'Deed I Do (8:52) [fade-in]
5. I've Got You Under My Skin (6:34) [fade-in]
6. Announcement DK (0:10)
7. I Was Doing All Right (8:14) [fade-in]

TT: 33:39

Sound: A/A-
Source: France Inter live broadcast
Lineage: FM > CDRW > HD > CDWAVE > CDR > www (FLAC) > ubu'e edits: > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

I deleted bits of music because the obnoxious announcer started talking before the tunes ended or only began talking when the next one started.
Mostly it's just parts of piano intros missing, but the whole first 8 bar of "I Was Doing All Right" are missing.
"The Look of Love" was being performed as the broadcast started.


ubu said...

FLAC + info:

Luis said...

Thank you for Diana Krall, but i's from 2007 or 2008? You mention both dates.

ubu said...

Ah, shit, it's from 2008 - sorry!

I guess I shouldn't post anything, having so little time, but I don't want the blog to dry up completely!

Thanks for pointing out my mistake!

Anonymous said...


Bless you! I'm glad to find a soul-mate. I too would love to reserve a spcial place in hell for French radio announcers who talk over the music!

jazzlover said...

Diana Krall is lovely, I wos in his show in Rio de Janeiro last year,grat post, tkx