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Friday, December 05, 2008

Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet - NYC 1956 (FLAC)

Here's a pair of short shows by the great Brown/Roach-Quintet. The second show doesn't feature Max Roach, but it's still that band.

This, like the Kirk show of a few days back, was fixed by the good PervFesser goody, and it was thanks to him that I got this at all! It was originally on dime, but for whatever reason (certainly *not* for Lonehill actually being a legit label!) it was banned there before I even saw it!

Read Barbara Gardener's article on Brownie's legacy (DownBeat, October 21, 1961) here. More about Brown and other trumpet players in jazz here.

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Clifford Brown & Max Roach Quintet
New York, NY (USA), Basin Street Club, 1956

Clifford Brown - trumpet
Sonny Rollins - tenor saxophone
Richie Powell - piano
George Morrow - bass
Max Roach (#1-2) / Willie Jones (#3-5) - drums

April 28, 1956
1. Valse Hot (Rollins) 8:08
2. I Feel a Song Comin' On (Fields/McHugh/Oppenheimer) 5:32

May 6, 1956
3. Sweet Clifford (Brown) 5:52
4. What's New? (Haggart/Burke) 3:30
5. Daahoud (Brown) 5:41

TT: 28:47

Sound: A-/B+
Lineage: Bootleg CD > EAC > FLAC >
goody: Nero Audio Editor > TLH

Notes from seeder on dime (this was banned there):
Source is a Spanish bootleg from Lone Hill Jazz; they date all the tracks above as April 28, but discographies for Rollins and Brown state otherwise. Additionally, different dates makes more sense as Roach is not the drummer on the May date. This material has also appeared on an Italian bootleg:
Max Roach - Clifford Brown Quintet Live At Basin Street, April, 1956 (Ingo [It] two)

goody's notes:
Pitch of 1, 2 was approx. 82 cents sharp. Pitch of 3 - 5 was approx. 97 cents sharp.
Corrected and FLACed. 2008-11-04


Christopher said...

I've heard about this one. Thanks very much.

ubu said...

It's so silly to have this file removed - whoever did this!
This set is available on various shady releases BUT nowhere it is running at the correct speed... get your releases corrected and fixed (same applies to the George Russell boots taken from dime... upgrades are available, but not if you buy boots...)

ubu said...

new link