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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dave Brubeck - Portland 1959

Continuing the drummer theme, here's a great show featuring Joe Morello! The drum solo ending this partial concert recording is quite amazing!

Brubeck may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's always Paul Desmond to listen to, one of the few original alto players in modern jazz that has a sound and conception quite unlike Charlie Parker and all his followers (of course Lee Konitz comes to mind, and Charlie Mariano as well - both of them still alive and kicking!)

This is the last post of 2008. It wasn't that great a year here, and it looks like 2009 won't be much better either (much work, trouble with jobs etc etc), and the upcoming financial crisis (it seems it has barely even started yet) won't help making things easier.

Either way, I wish all of you out there a happy new year and all the best for 2009!

The Brubeck Quartet in 1959 (during the "Time Out" sessions)
from left to right: Morello, Desmond, Brubeck, Wright

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :. : . : . : . : . :

Dave Brubeck Quartet
Portland, OR (USA)
April 1959

Paul Desmond - alto sax
Dave Brubeck - piano
Gene Wright - bass
Joe Morello - drums

1. Two Part Contention (13:15)
2. The Lonesome Road (8:17)
3. Take the "A"-Train (15:17)
4. When the Saints Go Marching In (7:22)
5. I'm In a Dancing Mood > Pause Announcement DB (3:47)
6. Someday My Prince Will Come (10:09)
7. drum improvsation (11:00)

TT: 69:07

Sound: A-
Source: SBD>unknown recording equipment>trade>CDR>EAC Secure Rip>Flac Frontend, level 6
Additional lineage: WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

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ubu said...

FLAC + info:

Nigel said...

Thank you, and I'll be back to comment on this.

rochus said...

Wondered in looking for some rare Brubeck LP's and found this.

Thanks for the music!

Andimaci said...

Dear Ubu, it's a wonderful edited concert, but the part 1 not avaible (

Can you help me?

ubu said...

some troll made them delete it, will see what I can do...

ubu said...


Andimaci said...

Dear Ubu (ROY!)
Many thanks for file!