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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stan Getz & Kenny Barron - Copenhagen 1991

This is a companion set to the great official released called "People Time" (buy it cheaply at CDUniverse).

I've received these tracks from dime as part of a huge package that contained various duplicates as well as some officially released tracks. I'm positive that the music on the two full CDs I'm offering here is all unreleased. This is some of Getz' most intimate playing, Barron proofs a very good foil and musical partner. Getz was dead soon after, so this is kind of a swan song. Touching music, as was virtually all of Getz' music - at least his saxophone playing always has a haunting quality, sometimes it get's incredibly beautiful, all through his career, from early recordings up to these Copenhagen sessions.

There are two tunes I don't know. CD2#1 was unidentified by the time I tagged these files (that was done before the dime upload, which by the way can be found here), so the file is wrongly tagged. CD2#8 has been shared originally as "Stablemates" by Benny Golson, but to me it doesn't sound like that... if anyone can help identifying it or CD2#5, for which none of those who commented my seed on dime had any propositions, please post a comment below!

Take this as an early x-mas special, there's going to be a second one coming in time, both here and on dime... more tenor sax, which is my favourite axe. Bad rhyhes, I admit, but they weren't writ to be rhymes.

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Stan Getz & Kenny Barron
Copenhagen (DK), Café Montmartre
March 3-6, 1991

Stan Getz - tenor sax
Kenny Barron - piano

1. Whisper Not (Benny Golson) 7:22
2. You Stepped Out Of a Dream (Brown-Kahn) 8:20
3. I Wish You Love [Que reste-t-il de nos amours] (Chauliac-Trenet-Beach) 7:22
4. Bouncing With Bud (Bud Powell) 8:57
5. Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron) 6:48
6. I'm Okay (Eddie Del Barrio) 5:31
7. You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye-De Paul) 8:59
8. You Stepped Out of a Dream (Brown-Kahn) 8:43
9. Gone With the Wind (Magidson-Wrubel) 6:03

1. First Song (for Ruth) (Charlie Haden) 11:05
2. Night and Day (Cole Porter) 8:46
3. Autumn Leaves (Kosma-Prevert-Mercer) 9:42
4. The End of a Love Affair (Edward Redding) 8:45
5. unknown (8:06)
6. I Wish You Love [Que reste-t-il de nos amours] (Chauliac-Trenet-Beach) 8:11 [cuts in]
7. People Time (Benny Carter) 6:05
8. unknown (7:52) (Benny Golson's "Stablemates"?)
9. Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron) 7:09

TT: 141:55

Sound: A- (some parts better, some worse)
Source: radio broadcasts (Danish Radio)
Lineage: RB > ? > dime > FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC + info:

jazzme said...

Merry Christmas and thx for the lp's this year , here's something in return - Blind Mice, Vol. 2 , Pt - Blind Mice Vol 2 , Pt - Pt 2 of this file has a cd cover . post this if you like Steve

hulaboy said...

Thanks for these tasty leftovers, Ubu!