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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freddie Hubbard - Montreux 1983

More stellar straight ahead jazz from Freddie's 80s revival period! And look what a band he is with here! The great Lew Tabackin on sax and flute, Joanne Brackeen on piano, and a true all-star rhythm section of Charlie Haden and Billy Cobham (what a weird combination - but it works!)

Hope you still enjoy these - there haven't been many comments of late... I'd still be very happy about any hints regarding the musicians and location of the previous 1983 upload!

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Freddie Hubbard
Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux (Switzerland), Casino
July 23, 1983

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Lew Tabackin - tenor sax, flute
JoAnne Brackeen - piano
Charlie Haden - bass
Billy Cobham - drums

1. Rhythm-a-ning > Ann FH (13:46) [cuts in]
2. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes > Ann FH (14:28)
3. Little Sunflower (16:00)

1. Body And Soul (10:59)
2. Heidi B (17:44)
3. Birdlike > Straight No Chaser (11:51)

TT: 84:52

Sound: A
Source: Radio
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ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

salience said...

freddie much appeciated!

sasha said...

As you say its very unusual to see such a line-up..Guess it's one of the pleasures of a festival band: Whoever's on-hand gets the gig..Certainly not one of Freddie's working/recording groups that I've come across..Many thanks for the post.

hulaboy said...

Mahalo, Ubu!

MicahMaurio said...

I know I'm a few years late to this party, but... does anyone know if that video is still available? I've been scouring the internet and can't seem to find it anywhere! I can't even find a copy of that concert to purchase. It would be a real shame for that performance to become a lost artifact. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated!