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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freddie Hubbard - Wiesen 1982

Here's the next one, by an astonishing band: Freddie of course, with Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Kenny Barron and Ron Carter!

There'll be a second show from this July 1982 tour, said to be from Montreux, but alas, the Montreux Jazz Database does not have an entry for Freddie that year. This one is in better sound as it comes from radio, while the Montreux show is an audience recording. Both are very much worth being heard! We get Freddie digging deep into straight ahead jazz again, after years of doing funky music, and after what I'm afraid were some pretty drab and commercial albums. Luckily, that side hardly comes to the fore in the live shows I'm sharing here, though!

Please help identifying #2 if you recognise it!

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Freddie Hubbard Superstars
Wiesen (AT), Jazzfest
July 16, 1982

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Joe Henderson - tenor sax
Kenny Barron - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Tony Williams - drums

1. A Quick Sketch (14:51)
2. unknown (17:24)
3. Sister Cheryl (13:34)
4. Birdlike (9:15) [inc, fade out]

TT: 55:10

Sound: A-
Source: FM>trade>CDR>EAC Secure Modus>Flac Frontend Level 6>Flac


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

nick said...

looks like a real killer. thank you for posting some Joe Henderson! you're doing a fine service to Hubbard's memory, imho, posting these unreleased dates as opposed to commercially available stuff. thank you for all this great music!

hulaboy said...

Oh man, this is slammin'! Thank you!

TARTALO said...

The second track is "Spiral" by Kenny Barron
Thanks a lot!Great blog and music here,thanks!))))

TARTALO said...

The 2nd track is "Spiral" by Kenny Barron