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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cedar Walton "Eastern Rebellion" - Boston 1995

Here's the first of the dime birthday party-shows, I'll post those mostly with the same comments I put up on dime, just because I'm a lazy bum, he he... so here you go:

Another edited re-seed, this was was shared originally by dsgtrane - thanks a lot!

Now there's much bad rap about the French radio announcers and their talking, but no one beats NPR! This was Branford Marsalis, and he kept fading in the new titles while wrapping up his announcements. So the openings of most titles are cut by a tiny bit. Still, this is a fine show, and with all the talk in between, I'd never listen to it.... I did the best I could, under the circumstances.

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :

Eastern Rebellion
Boston, MA (USA), Regatta Bar, Harvard Square

Ralph Moore - tenor sax
Cedar Walton - piano
David Williams - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

radio intro (0:37) [#1 starts below] >
1. Little Sunflower (10:32) [inc, missing a few bars of p-intro]
2. My Ideal (8:00) [inc, missing a few bars of p-intro]
3. Roni's Decision (11:18)
4. In The Kitchen (8:32) [inc, missing a few bars of p-intro, cut out]
5. 'Round Midnight (5:26) [missing opening p-chord]
6. All The Things You Are (8:00)

TT: 50:50 (51:27 with radio intro)

Sound: A
Source: WGBH broadcast (NPR "Jazz Set", host: Branford Marsalis)
Lineage: FM > ? > dime > FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

:: ubu's edits ::
deleted all talk by Branford Marsalis
fixed mark #2/#3
fixed mark #5/#6


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Simon666 said...

Thanks Ubu!
As expected, there just can't be a bad version of "Little Sunflower". Nice set and great recording too. And a good job getting rid of Branford. Could you get rid of his brother while you're at it ? :)

ubu said...

He he he... I'd be all for getting rid of Branford's brother if I could...

But then with jazz having no importance whatsoever in its home, I assume in the end we have to be grateful for what Wynton does... of course what he does has a devastating definition-like quality and helps for a lot of great music to fall out of focus entirely, but still... I'm just not sure it's that simple, all things taken in account.

Baby Breeze said...

Flurin, was this your own recording, or did you get it from Dime? I recall seeding it there eons ago. The source was my "master cassette," but it was a pretty lo-fi affair on a normal bias tape from a boom box. Somehow it sounded pretty good, but if there's a better copy out there I'd like to hear it as this set is a favorite of mine.

ubu said...

Definitely not my recording... I thought it was seeded on dime by dsgtrane originally, but I could be wrong... anyway, it included art of his (which I've discarded as it listed all the Branford M. talk segments). Not sure if this was actually his recording back then, though... maybe you traded yours and he did the art and shared it? I really can't tell, sorry!