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Sunday, March 22, 2009

ICP Orchestra - Willisau 2001

Next of the dime series - thanks to dimer hugotruyens for help with the setlist.

I think this was the very first ICP and Mengelberg I've heard. Saw them live once in a glorious concert, but alas my recording device failed that night. It was one of the most enriching concerts I've seen, with wonderful contributions by the amazing Michael Moore (whom I caught with Jewels & Binoculars a few days later, that night my recording went ok for one set at least...), and Tobias Delius and Bennink. The brass did great on the Ellington tunes that night (some such in this show, too), and there was some hilarious stuff from the strings (Honsinger surely is a crazy old man - in the very best sense!). Anyway, this is a bit older and a bit more restrained compared to the concert I witnessed, but it's fine nevertheless!

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :

ICP Orchestra
Jazzfestival Willisau
Willisau (Switzerland)
September 2, 2001 (afternoon)

Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Wolter Wierbos - trombone
Michael Moore - alto sax, clarinet
Ab Baars - tenor sax, clarinet
Misha Mengelberg - piano
Mary Oliver - viola
Tristan Honsinger - violoncello
Ernst Glerum - bass
Han Bennink - drums

1. Ktoel (Kchair) (Misha Mengelberg) 10:54
2. Happy Go Lucky Local Mix (Duke Ellington) 9:44
3. improvisation (4:54)
4. Crocodile Tear (Misha Mengelberg) 6:05 [p/b/d only]
5. Country Band March (Charles Ives) 3:56
6. Caravan (Tizol-Ellington) 11:44
7. Rollo II (Misha Mengelberg) 7:01

TT: 54:22

Sound: A
Source: Swiss Radio Broadcast "Jazz Live" (DRS 2)
Lineage: fm > (tape? >) minidisc > analogue transfer to HD (GoldWave) > cdr
Additional: EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro (centred all tracks) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Recorded (2001 or 2002), tranferred (2005?) & shared by ubu on dimeadozen (January 2009)

Note: there are no live broadcasts of the Willisau Sunday afternoon concerts, the evening broadcast contained two ICP titles as filler I think. This is taken from the re-broadcast in DRS 2's weekly "Jazz Live" show.


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

wightdj said...

I've been fortunate to not only see the ICP live 8 times, but also appear in the audience on the great DVD, Afijn, about Misha, that came out last year. Thanks for this one.

ubu said...

Now how cool is that! If I get a chance to catch them again, I definitely will!

And if there's demand for the Jewels & Binoculars show, let me know!

archer said...

demand. demand.

much gratitude, ubu.