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Monday, April 27, 2009

Harry Pepl / Werner Pirchner / Adelhard Roidinger - Austria Drei - 1978/81

There's been little interest in the previous post featuring the music of Harry Pepl and Werner Pirchner. That's a pity! Jazz music is a niche art anyway, and it makes me all the sadder that even the lucky few who found out and were let in on the secret, even those don't check out something of which they haven't heard...

Anyway, here's the promised addition, another pair of short shows featuring the "Austria Drei", which consists of the JazzZwio plus Adelhard Roidinger, and despite its name ("drei" is German for "three"), a drummer, unknown on the first date, Alvin Queen on the second date.

Drummer Todd Canedy is on the group's studio release on Ego Records (details on discogs), recorded almost one and a half year after the first of the sessions included here.

If anyone can fill in some details, please post a comment!

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Austria Drei
Innsbruck (Austria), Studio
February 1978

Harry Pepl - guitar
Werner Pirchner - vibes
Adelhard Roidinger - bass
unknown (poss. Todd Canedy) - drums

1. Philipp (7:07)
2. Wirf an! (6:33)
3. Einsiedler Silence (8:50)

Austria Drei
Wiener Festwochen
Wien (Austria), Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts
June 1, 1981

Harry Pepl - guitar
Werner Pirchner - vibes
Adelhard Roidinger - bass
Alvin Queen - drums

4. Gloriatio (Paul Angerer) 16:03
5. Lonely Frog (Roidinger) > Einsiedler Silence (Pepl) 22:59 [FM voiceover 22:10-end]

TT: 61:34

Sound: A-
Source #1-3: Private recording, Tape from Harry Pepl
Source #4-5: Austrian radio broadcast (1981 - Erich Kleinschuster, host)

:: ubu edits ::

removed 2 second gaps
removed fm talk in #4 and #5
fixed marks

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ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Arkadin said...

Oh, there's Alvin Queen on the June-date. Coincidentally I've just posted two albums by/with Alvin Queen on my blog:

And you're right, it's a shame there was no more interest for your JazzZwio-posts, since this was a wonderful group. I was planning to post the album Pirchner and Pepl did with Jack DeJohnette for ECM in the near future but given the lack of interest...

Thanks for all the Pepl/Pichner-stuff!

Christian said...

thanks for the two posts.
pepl and pircher were absolutely unique spirits. it would be nice to hear more about this kind of libertines.

ubu said...

Is that jug from Vienna? If so, good to see you around here!

tc said...

The 1978 Ego records recording is Todd Canedy.

I had so much fun playing with those guys. They were killer players.

I wish I had contact with them so if anyone knows where or how they are please let me know.

It would be nice to have the recording too. Does anyone have this record?


ubu said...

Hi Todd! Welcome to my blog!

Can you confirm it's you playing on the February 1978 recording?

As for reaching the musicians, you're certainly aware that Harry Pepl has died several years ago, but Pirchner and Roidinger have homepages, maybe they can be reached that way:

And if anyone has that ECM recording, it would be an honor for me to host it here!

Arkadin said...

Which ECM-record do you mean, Ubu?
As I mentionend in my comment before I'm planning to post the one with Pepl, Pirchner and DeJohnette on my blog in the near future (haven't ripped it yet).
Adelhard Roidinger - Schattseite can be found here:


ubu said...

Arkadin, I meant the Ego of course, not the ECM...

I'll chek out the Roidinger ECM, too, thanks a lot!

trewidden said...

hi iv got a rip of the 1979 "austria drei" album on ego with pepl roidinger canedy and that the one you are lookin for..? if so i'll up it for you..

trewidden said...

here;s the link..

ubu said...

Wow, thank you so much, trewidden!
Much appreciated!

tc said...

Yes it is me playing on the 1978 EGO records recording.

Thanks so much for the upload.

I did not know Harry Pepl passed away. Thank you for letting me know.

ubu said...

Todd, it's of course you on the EGO LP! What I wanted to ask is if you can confirm that it's also you playing on the Innsbruck 1978 date, which is the first part of the compilation I'm sharing here!

trewidden said...'s another i ripped from my vinyl collection

Harry Pepl (g-ovation),
Werner Pirchner (vibraharp, marimbaharp, whistling);

Recorded December 1979; (MMTT06794)

1 gegenwind
2 Der Tag an dem wir erfuhren, dass Paul Desmond gestorben war
3 my one and only love
4 white smoke
5 Drein sein beinander bleibn
6 Wirf an!




ubu said...

Amazing, thanks once again! Even in FLAC!

fullmax said...

Hi there!
Great that you are posting old, rare recordings...I am the son of Harry Pepl. If you have more old tapes I would be really interested in getting it. I am planning (with some other jazz musicians and institutions) an association to advance the music of Harry Pepl and in order to put up an archive...there is so much music left, most on tapes, revox tapes, dats, hard disk recording and so on...tons of material...
not only my father passed away 2005, werner pirchner died 2001.
greetings from vienna!

trewidden said...

although this one is not that old it is however sadly oop..and never released on cd..(as of yet)...only 320k but next time i rip vinyl i will flac this master piece..."cracked mirrors".
Harry Pepl: guitar, guitar synth, piano
Herbert Joos: horn
Jon Christensen: drums

01 wolkenbilder 1
02 reflections in a cracked mirror
03 schikaneder delight
04 die alte mar und das mann
05 more far out than east
06 wolkenbilder 2
07 purple light
08 tintenfisch inki

trewidden said...

Werner Pirchner Harry Pepl Jack DeJohnette

another oop..which i will flac also in the very near future along with schattsite..

Werner Pirchner - tenor vibes, marimba
Harry Pepl - ovation guitar
Jack DeJohnette - drums

1. African Godchild ..... 14:43 (W. Pirchner)
2. Air, Love And Vitamines ..... 7:17 (H.Pepl)
3. Good-Bye, Baby Post ..... 9:40 (H.Pepl)
4. Better Times In Sight ..... 9:47 (W.Pirchner)

these are my own rips..i hope you enjoy..and i await with delight anymore historic harry pepl material..

ubu said...

Holy holy! I can't keep up grabbing all of these at the pace you're sharing! It's great to have all of these here, I'm a proud host!

That begs the question almost that some who know more about Pepl (I know nothing... just what can be read up in the internets...) should do a nice site dedicated to him!

ubu said...

@ fullmaxHi, welcome here!
You know, the way the internets make like-minded folks meet is quite astonishing!

I have shared here and in the previous Pepl/Pirchner post all the live shows I have, but I think there are some others around, I will see if I can hook you up, those other shows are "not for trade", for whatever reasons, and I've not laid hands on them myself.

Have you tried contacting that guy who does the "Jazznacht" on Ö1? He did a nice tribute when your father died, and he is very enthusiast about lots of things... he might be able to help you out and maybe even get some tapes from the ORF vaults, who knows!
His name is Herbert Uhlir, but I guess you know that... :-)

Feel free to drop me an email (you'll find an address in my blogger profile), so we can discuss anything else privately!

trewidden said...

i must be cracking up..iv already flacced the schattseite..
Bass, Music By - Adelhard Roidinger
Drums, Percussion - Michael DiPasqua
Guitar - Harry Pepl
Marimba, Harp [Vibraharp] - Werner Pirchner
Piano - Bob Degen
Saxophone [Tenor] - Heinz Sauer
Voice - Aina Kemanis

Fü Pfü
When Earth Becomes Desert


oh well that save some time..i have many more harry pepl material..but im sure they are still in print..

enjoy the music..

ubu said...

Thanks a lot, trewidden!

And you're correct: I wouldn't feel comfortable to offer in-print albums here! All these OOP titles though are much welcome!

trewidden said...

here's a flac upgrade for "cracked mirrors" ...i managed to get an oop cd
contrary to some sites saying it was never released on cd.

full scans inc.


Arkadin said...

@trewidden Amazing! Thanks for all your contributions!
I realized much too late that you also contributed the album with DeJohnette which I was planning to post for a long time, so I was quite insecure what to do now: Delete my already finished post or publish it? Decided to post it. It may save you some time converting your rip to FLAC. Hope you don't mind me posting this album. Cheers!

kinebee said...

Right on, thanks for posting the Pepl in flacs.

But I think some credit is deserved to the original person that I got the Pepl Pirchner live tapes from.

A big thank you and Aloha for Dietrich K, for sharing these, and allowing them to go up on DIME.

and btw, I am attempting to get some more.


ubu said...

Hi kine, and welcome to my blog!
Thanks a lot for sharing whatever Pepl you could lay hands and and will do in times to come! Much appreciated! :-)

kinebee said...

Aloha Ubu my friend!

I am perhaps the worlds worst typist a fact now exacerbated by the fact that I nearly lost a couple fingers at work (ouch!)

Indeed I HAVE to check out your blog...its the best! Keep up the very interesting work..and I love the dialogue.

orangefunk said...

Hi Ubu,

Yep its Todd on the live recording, I forwarded him here and he confirmed.


ubu said...

Thanks a lot, organgefunk!

mjazzg said...

I've just discovered the music of Pepl, Pirchner and Roidinger whilst buying oop ECM vinyl. To find this resource of further recordings is a treasure, thanks.

Anselmo said...

Hi Ubu, I'm looking for Harry Pepl recordings. Unfortunately the links are disable. If you know something, I appreciate. Could you send a "Trewidden" email or blog? Apparently he has something.

Thansks thanks thanks

Lf said...

Hello to all who shall be reading this...

First of all, I realise that I've come a couple of years too late, because I bought my ecm Pircner Pepl Dejohnette album a few weeks after it was released in London and it blew my mind. I haven't listened to any other Pepl or Pirchner recordings since then, so you can imagine how great it was to track this blog down.

A couple of the links are now stale but the rest are still active.

I have a question that I would appreciate your thoughts on, regarding the Pirchner Pepl dejohnette album - Why was Dejohnette bass drum sound so big and wooly when a regular Dejohnette tight bass drum sound would have been much better for the overall sound imho?

Big love to everyone....

Marcobar said...

Thanks so much for the Harry Pepl and Werner Pirchner. I wish their music was more widely known and distributed. A friend in Munich gave me a cassette of theirs back in the early 1980s, but it's long gone now. I've come late to these posts, but any chance of reposting the December 1979 rip? RabidShare says both the FLAC and mp3 are deleted.

n said...

ohh, hi guys, this links doesn't work, it is posssible to put some of them again?


Calisan said...

I just discovered this gem of Austria Drei and was in FLAC here, but links are gone in RS.
Any chance for a re-post trewidden? or anybody else? Please
Wonderful music from this quartet!
So I decided to upload something on my blog tomorrow with Todd Canedy on Dieter Reith album "Knock Out"
Thanks ubu for your interesting blog!

minim said...

Hey there, I would also be very greatful for re-up of this intriguing content.