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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joe Henderson Big Band - NYC 1992

Another show with Freddie Hubbard - this is a great recording by the 1992 edition of the Joe Henderson big band, caught for NPR two days prior to the studio date that makes up part of the Verve release. A mighty interesting bunch of players and good writing by Joe (I guess it's all his, but I'm not positive, for the 1996 session that makes up the rest of the CD, Slide Hampton, Bob Belden and Michael Philipp Mossman gave a hand).

The solos are by Joe and Freddie exclusively though, but that's no loss, as the music is continuously exciting!

The band in this early incarnation (as opposed to the 1996 one) still includes several of the guys who were part of the legendary Henderson rehearsal big band in the sixties!

Yours truly is celebrating the big 3-0 today, so let's all uncork some of your favourite beverages tonight and celebrate a little!

And now that my youthful exuberance is gone (well, hopefully not... never!) I promise to slow down my postings a little big, I realize it's been a bit much of late... but most often, the links stay active for many months, so it's always worth to go back and look for older posts. Also you might just subscribe to feeds and organise them in some way, so you know which old ones are still "unread" or on your "to do"-list - a very cool feature I've been using for years to handle my blog intakes.

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Joe Henderson Big Band
Jazz at Lincoln Center
New York City (USA), Alice Tulley Hall
March 14, 1992

Joe Henderson - tenor sax
Freddie Hubbard - trumpet

Lew Soloff (lead), Marcus Belgrave, Virgil Jones, Idrees Sulieman, Jimmy Owens - trumpet
Jimmy Knepper, Robin Eubanks, Kiane Zawadi - trombone
Douglas Purviance - bass trombone
Bob Porcelli (lead), Pete Yellin - alto sax
Rich Perry, Craig Handy - tenor sax
Joe Temperley - barritone sax
Ronnie Mathews - piano
Christian McBride - bass
Joe Chambers - drums
Don Sickler - conductor

1. A Shade of Jade (Henderson) 11:28
2. Isotope (Henderson) 7:56 [fm voiceover 0:04-0:20]
3. Thermo (Freddie Hubbard) 7:15
4. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn) 4:27
5. Punjab (Henderson) 6:30
6. Joe's Blues [aka Homestretch] (Henderson) 12:36

TT: 50:15

Sound: A/A- (hissy)
Source: NPR "Jazzset" Broadcast (host: Ed Bradley)
Lineage: FM>??>CDR(one track)>EAC>WAV>CD WAV Editor (tracking)>FLAC

:: ubu edits ::

omitted as much of the radio talk as possible
added fades

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

also check out this earlier Henderson post here:

nick said...

whoa! hissy or not, I can't wait to hear this. thanks, ubu!

Christopher said...

Happy to get this rare Joe Hen. Thanks so much

nick said...

I dl'ed and finally got a chance to listen closely the other night. Wonderful stuff, and a nice addition to the material recorded for the Big Band cd, almost more immediate and exciting. Thank you for sharing this!

Larry said...

Hi all and Hi Ubu!
I wake up a bit late but would it be possible te reactivate your sharing of this material I'm sure is wonderful?
Thanks very much!!