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Monday, June 29, 2009

Doctor 3 (Danilo Rea/Enzo Pietropaoli/Fabrizio Sferra) - Perugia 1999

And one for the piano crowd - a great piano trio set featuring Danilo Rea!

Doctor 3
Umbria Jazz 1999
Perugia (Italy), Teatro Morlacchi
July 11, 1999

Danilo Rea - piano
Enzo Pietropaoli - bass
Fabrizio Sferra - drums

1. unknown (13:29)
2. unknown (10:10)
3. unknown (4:51)
4. unknown > Ann EP (8:12)
5. unknown (10:27)
6. unknown (3:02)
7. unknown (7:05)
8. unknown (8:37)
9. unknown (8:29) [inc, end of CDR during recording]

TT: 74:25

Sound: A
Source/Lineage: reg via Sat radio 3 , cdr Philips then, flac

:: ubu edits ::

deleted opening fm talk (inc, 6 sec)
moved Ann from beginning of #6 to end of #5
spliced 29 sec of applause to end of #8 (came as #9)
added fade-out at end of #9 (there was a cut)
deleted a bit of noise at beginning of #10
fixed all marks

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Danilo Rea... i love this man, a very music lover (ALL FORM OF MUSIC HE LOVES...) his solo performances are very magnificient, if you (during an italian holiday) meets this man and his creature (Doctor 3)...don't miss it !

There is only a live official cd edited in dic-2001 and in homage with the Musica Jazz magazine...this is, in this Dime torrent, is the first (and best in my opinion) concert at umbria Jazz

Sound quality is quiet perfect. Sound rating AA

Enjoy it



ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

pedro said...

Thanks a lot for all your marvellous music
My best regards

chazz said...

Is this Winter Tales from 1999?That is a 2 CD set that one can find the track listings for.

ubu said...

Seems this is indeed commercially released as part of "Winter Tales". I didn't know about this release, or else I wouldn't have shared this recording here!

Sardo said...

Ubu, You are great!!!
I need a doctor. Doctor 3, of course.

Sardo said...

by the way:
"Winter Tales" was recorded
at Palazzo Dei Sette Sala Degli Archi, Orvieto during 10th Umbria Jazz Winter on December 28 -31, 2002.

ubu said...

Thanks for clearing this, sardo!

So the show here was not commercially released it seems, which is good to know!

piergj said...

Hello i'm Pierluigi from Italy (piergj on Dime), i have posted this concert in Dime and is from a radio 3 broadcast wich i have registered with my Philips cdr 770.

Very and many thanks for this blog.



ubu said...

Hi Pierluigi! Good to see you here! And thanks for sharing this show over on dime, initially!