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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Harry Miller - BBC 1975-1977

[EDIT] The first two titles of this post have been officially released on Reel Recordings. I deleted the links and will offer a new set of links minus those two tracks - sorry for the inconvenience! Go and order the Miller (and some other) discs from the Reel Recordings site, so support those folks crazy enough to still be releasing our manna from heaven! [/EDIT]

First of a series of South African posts to follow... not in any planned or quick way, but several more instalments will eventually follow (a dozen or two, just so you get a rough idea).

The opening is made by the great bass player Harry Miller (1941-1983). He was one of the doomed South African exiles, but his forceful music, his thumping bass playing, his dynamic interaction with frequent parter-in-crime Louis Moholo (one of the survivors) continues bringing incredible pleasure to my life - and I hope many others' lives, too!

Miller's official releases on Ogun have been reissued in a great 3CD set that is - alas - out of print again, but if you're a fan, you'll absolutely need that! (info)
In addition to that, Cuneiform has a great Isipingo live recording available, very much worth buying!

Louis Moholo, by the way, has been featured in a couple of earlier posts here:
Louis Moholo/Keith Tippett/Julie Tippets & MinAfrica Orchestra - Sant'Anna Arresi 2008
Louis Moholo-Moholo Quintet - Roma 2007

Also, there's my South African blindfold test, posted last spring, and then there's this post with many useful links (I hope they're still good, too many to check them, sorry):
The Joy and Pain of South African Jazz

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :. : . : . : . : . :

Harry Miller Isipingo - 1975

Mongezi Feza - trumpet
Nick Evans - trombone
Mike Osborne - alto sax
Stan Tracey - piano
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

1. Whey Hey! (15:35)
2. Good Heavens Evans (11:59)

Harry Miller Isipingo - 1976

Marc Charig - trumpet
Malcolm Griffiths - trombone
Mike Osborne - alto sax
Stan Tracey - piano
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

3. Family Affair (9:58)
4. Where Now Then? (9:53)

Harry Miller Quintet - 1977

Trevor Watts - alto & soprano sax
Alan Wakeman - tenor & soprano sax
Berni Holland - guitar
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

5. Orange Grove (9:22)
6. A Traumatic Experience (17:20)


7. radio announcer (1:03) [between #1 and #2]
8. radio announcer (0:38) [between #3 and #4]
9. radio announcer (0:41) [between #5 and #6]
10. radio announcer (0:30) [following #6]


TT: 77:04

#1,2,7: Jazz in Britain broadcast 24-2-1975
#3,4,8: BBC broadcast early 1976
#5,6,9,10: Jazz in Britain broadcast 24-12-1977(?)

Lineage: FM > Sony reel to reel > standalone cd recorder > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Note on second broadcast (#3,4): There is probably a third piece missing for some reason I can't remember.


ubu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wallofsound said...

Harry Miller performances are always welcome. Many thanks.

kinabalu said...

Gosh! Manna from heaven!

gilhodges said...

What a beautiful thing to behold. Thanks a ton. Speaking of Isipingo, don't forget the tremendous release featuring Harry Miller and friends on Reel Recordings out Canada. Fantastic stuff.

gilhodges said...

Upon further review...

It appears that the first two tracks here ARE ALSO on the terrific release on Reel Recordings (see link in previous comment). The album is called "Full Steam Ahead" and I highly recommend it. By the way, the first track is spelled (on the album) "Whey Hey!"

Reel Recordings is doing some amazing stuff. The folks behind the label, Mike King and Miki Dandy are the same people who've produced the incredible Brotherhood of Breath releases on Cuneiform. Mike and Miki have put out a stupendous Mike Osborne release and a half dozen other documents of progressive British improv. FYI: I have no personal connection to Reel Recordings other than just being a big fan.

ubu said...

I'm taking down the links and will offer a re-upload without the first two, officially released tracks soon!

Sorry for that, and thanks for letting me know about Reel Recordings - looks like they've got a few exciting things in their catalogue!