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Monday, June 29, 2009

Monk's Casino - Hamburg 1999

And finally, one for young and old, tall and short, smart and dumb... the all encompassing music of one Thelonious Monk, performed by the great group "Die Enttäuschung" with Alexander von Schlippenbach at the piano. Don't miss this one!

It took me a while to figure this out, with the help of the official release on Intakt records, and to re-track it as nicely as possible - hope you'll enjoy it! It's to my knowledge the most complete of the live recordings to be found by this group (well, there may be complete AUD versions, but this one is in perfect FM quality)!

Alexander Von Schlippenbach & Die Enttauschung - Monk's Casino
Hamburg (Germany), NDR, Studio 10
January 28, 1999

Axel Dörner - trumpet (prob. piano on CD3#7)
Rudi Mahall - bass clarinet
Alexander Von Schlippenbach - piano (prob. trumpet on CD3#7)
Jan Roder - bass
Uli Jennessen - drums

1. Stage Intro by Michael Naura (2:30)
2. Band Intros by AvSch (2:39)
3. Thelonious (2:51)
4. Locomotive (1:37)
5. Stuffy Turkey (0:38)
6. Trinkle-Tinkle (4:21)
7. Coming On the Hudson (2:26)
8. Evidence (4:05)
9. Pannonica (1:43)
10. Bemsha Swing Intro (Axel Dörner) 1:21
11. Bemsha Swing / 52nd Street Theme (5:59)
12. Misterioso / Sixteen / Skippy (11:32)
13. Monk's Point (1:51)
14. Green Chimneys / Little Rootie Tootie (5:43)
15. San Francisco Holiday (3:14)
16. Off Minor (2:30)
17. Gallop's Gallop (4:58)
18. Crepuscule with Nellie (2:18)
19. Hackensack (3:18)
20. Consecutive Second's (3:31)

1. Brilliant Corners (5:47)
2. Eronel (1:55)
3. Monk's Dream (2:40)
4. Shuffle Boil (5:30)
5. Hornin' In (5:42) [might be two tracks, 3:19]
6. Criss Cross (2:12)
7. Introspection (5:18)
8. Ruby My Dear (1:18)
9. In Walked Bud (2:24)
10. Let's Cool One / Let's Call This (4:11)
11. Jackie-ing (3:40)
12. Humph (1:44) [inc]
13. Monk's Mood (3:29)
14. Four In One / 'Round Midnight (7:54)
15. Played Twice (2:27)
16. Friday the 13th (2:35)
17. Ugly Beauty (2:18)
18. Bye-Ya / Oska T. (2:22)

1. Bolivar Blues / Well You Needn't (3:07)
2. Brake's Sake (1:32)
3. Who Knows (1:53)
4. Boo Boo's Birthday / Ask Me Now (4:24)
5. Think of One (2:19)
6. Raise Four (1:18)
7. Japanese Folk Song / Children's Song / Blue Monk (4:24)
8. We See (5:20)
9. Bright Mississippi (3:06)
10. Reflections (1:44)
11. Five Spot Blues (1:43)
12. Light Blue (0:56)
13. Teo (2:31)
14. Rhythm-a-Ning (4:12)
15. Epistrophy / Oska T. (5:45)

All compositions by Thelonious Monk
Arrangements by Schlippenbach, Dörner, Mahall

TT: 177:09

Sound: A
Lineage :fm > dat > cdr(n) > eac > flac frontend > flac

:: ubu edits & notes ::

deleted fm intros/outros
re-tracked (some tracks contained two titles, some marks were set too late)

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


Work / I Mean You
(possibly missing because they happened after the inc "Humph"
and before CD2#13?)

Blue Hawk / North of the Sunset / Blue Sphere / Something in Blue
A Merrier Christmas
Straight No Chaser


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

ubu said...

And now I'll shut off and vanish for the better of two weeks!

See you in July! Hope you'll enjoy the new music!

And if you don't, search through the archives, I'm sure there's something there that you haven't seen yet and that will be to your liking!

doghouse said...

Thanks ubu - enjoy your holiday - fred

Barak said...

Thank you so much, ubu. I love Monk's Casino and here'e another version of it.

BTW, do you know if that group is still playing that music?


kinabalu said...

I saw these chaps a couple of years back and had the good opportunity to see Axel Dörner again this year. What he was playing then and now were in two different musical universes, in his opinion, but both worth inhabiting. Indeed.

ubu said...

Barak, I'm not sure they're still touring with this programme. I saw them in 2004 or 2005, I think - they were terrific... I think much better than in the early recordings that are around (including this one right here). Having had a few years of experience with this music seemed to help a lot.
But it's been quite a while that I saw any announcement for a concert of theirs... maybe looking up all the guys' websites would help, but after two weeks, I'm struggling to keep up with the most urgent things!

George Lane said...

I realize this site does not reupload links often, but if anyone out there has this and can reupload it I will be eternally grateful!