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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

r.i.p. Charlie Mariano

I just read the following news on the Organissimo forum:

Dear friends and colleagues,

today I have the sad task of informing you that Charlie Mariano is no longer among us, he "checked out" this morning.
Email is not how I would have wanted to pass on this message to you, but due to his great number of friends, I am not able to call each of you personally.

We will miss his voice, we will miss his humor, and all of you who over the years had the good luck of playing together with him will feel the loss.

He had spent the last weeks in the Mildred Scheel Hospiz where he was given the best possible care. His wife Dorothee had been caring for him lovingly for months. His daughter from the US had come to be with him. Many of you had visisted him during the last months. He was not alone.

Tonite I will sit down to listen to his music. Two new CDs recorded within the last year are to be released, one with Chaouki Smahi and Billy Cobham, one with Jasper and Philip Catherine. At 85 he was still blowing beautifully, touching the hearts of his audience.

An era of great jazz players seems to be nearing it´s end. Please carry on the spirit of great music to which Charlie dedicated his life. Remember him as someone who played with everyone and everywhere, never could say no to anyone wanting him to join-up for a gig. Remember him as a musician who was held in great esteem but other musicians as well as by the listeners for besides his great music he was a sweet, and may I mention it; good-looking man. He was a friend and his loss will be felt dearly.

Sincere Greetings,

This is so sad!

I somehow thought Mariano would just go on and on and on and make great music forever! Alas, not.

To mourn and yet at the same time to celebrate his vast musical legacy, I will spin (and recommend you to buy) his great quartet release on Enja, Deep in a Dream, with Bob Degen (p), Isla Eckinger (b) and Jarrod Cagwin (d), as well as the following show which was waiting to be posted for several months. I wasn't of course hoping for the sad event that is his death, rather I just can't post here as often as I would like.

The concert that's subject of this post is a great display of Mariano's musical universe, which unites jazz, rock, flamenco, Arabian and Indian music. To hear him in a straight jazz context, get "Deep in a Dream"!

And I understand I got several of the spellings wrong and couldn't identify various of the tunes - please post a comment if you can help!

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :. : . : . : . : . : . : . :

Charlie Mariano / Karnataka College of Percussion - Global Music Celebration
Tage der Zeitgenössischen Musik 2002
Dresden (DE), Alter Schlachthof
October 3, 2002

Charlie Mariano - alto sax

Dave King - electric bass & double bass
Yahia Smahi - darabuka, percussion
Chaouki Smahi - oud, violin, vocals
Mike Herting - pianos (#6 only)

CD1#8-9, CD2#1:
Quique Sinesi - guitar

Quique Sinesi - guitar
Mike Herting - piano
Dave King - electric bass
Ramesh Shotam - tabla

Mike Herting - piano, keyboards
Dave King - electric bass & double bass
Ramesh Shotam - tabla, percussion (CD1#6-9, CD2#2-9)
T.A.S. Mani - mrindagam, percussion
R.A. Ramamani - vocals

1. unknown (10:35)
2. unknown (6:48)
3. unknown (6:05)
4. unknown (5:39)
5. Announcement by Charlie Mariano (0:33)
6. Night (9:31)
7. Announcement by Charlie Mariano (0:20)
8. unknown (6:35)
9. unknown (4:12)

1. Berliner Tangismos (Sinesi) 5:38
2. unknown (10:33)
3. Announcement by Charlie Mariano (0:23)
4. unknown (Ramamani) 8:29
5. Announcement by Charlie Mariano (0:22)
6. Sweet Seventeen (Ramamani) 8:59
7. Band Intros/Announcement by Charlie Mariano (0:38)
8. Bangalore (17:04) [some glitches]
9. unknown (2:56) [inc]

TT: 105:27

Sound: A
Source: FM Broadcast (MDR Kultur "Jazz in Concert", 2 broadcasts)
Lineage: cdr in trade--eac--flac level 6--dime.

:: ubu edits ::

fixed all marks
deleted fm talk preceeding CD1#1 and following CD1#9, CD2#8
separated CM Announcements from following titles
manually removed a few clicks and pops
added fades where needed

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > CoolEditPro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged + info):

PS: rest assured this is the last post for today, and most likely for the whole week!
One more with Hugh Hopper to follow on Saturday, most likely.

Rob said...

What a loss to the entire world community of music. Charlie's alto was some of the music that opened my ears to jazz as teenager and then beyond later in life. His sound will always be with me even though he is gone. God bless him.

pedro said...

Bad times for love music fans...
Thank you very much for your music
My best regards

Roland561 said...

Thanks for this upload. He was indeed a great man!