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Monday, August 31, 2009

Charles Tolliver & NDR Big Band - Hamburg 1979

Here's a nice little show featuring Charles Tolliver with the NDR Big Band.

The NDR Big Band's full line-up for this show hasn't been determined, it seems (if you know more, please post a comment!), but it includes several late greats, including Herb Geller and Benny Bailey, whom I was lucky enough to catch live just in time. Wolfgang Dauner is on piano (check out the series of Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart shows posted here for some quite different Dauner).

The great Tolliver photos were shot by Karlheinz Klüter, the year is unknown.

NDR Big Band feat. Charles Tolliver
Hamburg (Germany), Funkhaus des NDR
February 1979

Charles Tolliver - trumpet, arranger

NDR Big Band, incl:
Benny Bailey - trumpet, flugelhorn
Herb Geller - alto sax, flute
Wolfgang Schlüter - vibes
Wolfgang Dauner - piano
Lukas Lindholm - bass
Alvin Queen - drums

1. Impact (8:10)
2. Grand Max (6:15)
3. Linsome (7:13)
4. Rejoicing (7:44)
5. Ruthie's Heart (8:44)
6. Mother Wind (7:12)
7. Plight (5:30)

TT: 50:51

Source: FM
No lineage info

:: ubu edits ::

All applause was cut out and there were almost no gaps between titles.
I added bits of silence at the end of #1 and #2 and were necessary smoothed out the marks a bit.
Mark 5/6 was set too late - fixed

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ubu said...

FLAC (tagged, I hope) + info:

hulaboy said...

Ubu, much gratitude for this. Mr. Tolliver is one of my favorites as a player and as a writer. (I believe the tune is "Mother Wit," not "Mother Wind.") Thanks for all your generosity through this excellent blog.

pepper67 said...

great recording..tolliver sounds great of course

thank you