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Sunday, December 20, 2009

John Abercrombie - Viersen 2004

I'm in a hurry to preserve some links, as RS is changing their policy again...

Here's a set by John Abercrombie, one of the most important jazz guitarists of our times. His brew of organ jazz is quite different from your usual organ trio, more of a cool sound, thanks to Dan Wall's different handling of the organ (different from the Smith and McGriff and McDuff etc styles, that is). Adam Nussbaum of course is a powerhouse drummer, and though Abercrombie himself isn't about swing, the music is forward-moving and driving.

John Abercrombie - Organ Trio
Internationales Jazzfestival
Viersen (Germany), Large Auditorium
September 24, 2004

John Abercrombie - guitar
Dan Wall - organ
Adam Nussbaum - drums

1. Open Land (11:21) [TV]
2. Class Trip (9:45)
3. Bo Diddy (11:05)
4. Lullaby of the Leaves (11:48)
5. Moon and Sand (8:46)

TT: 52:47

Sound: A/A-
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