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Monday, January 25, 2010

Max Nagl - Mainz 1999

Max Nagl is one of the more interesting characters around on the European jazz and music scene of the past years, composing for stage plays, dance and more.

Nagl, born 1960, has released a string of intriguing albums, the latest of them mostly on Hat Hut, including his fine project "Big Four" (with Steven Bernstein). Nagl has collaborated with novelist Franzobel, with Noel Akchoté (who's also a member of Big Four), Lol Coxhill, Austrian accordion derwish Otto Lechner, singer Julie Tippetts, and has dedicated albums to the music of Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman, as well as Robert Wyatt.

This post features his quartet with Josef Novotny at the piano, Anne Harvey on violin, and Patrice Héral on drums and percussion.

Max Nagl
11th Annual Akut Festival
Mainz (Germany)
January 23, 1999

Max Nagl - alto & baritone sax
Josef Novotny - piano
Anne Harvey - violin
Patrice Heral - drums, vocals

1. [Pommdeurs Falt?] > Melange à Trois > Ann MN (6:44)
2. Pot-Pourri (7:23)
3. Tranquillo > Ann MN (4:59)
4. Lump > Ann MN (6:44)
5. Nosferatu > Meantime > Ann MN (12:44)
6. Kirtag > Ann MN (5:36)
7. }Nachtblende > Ann MN (4:29)
8. Bonsoir (6:40)
9. band intros (1:09)
10. 96er > [Push Punnyend?] > Kur > Ann MN (9:28)
11. 's Vaserl (4:55) [encore]

All compositions by Max Nagl

TT: 70:57

Sound: A
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