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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joe Zawinul - Graz 2002

Joe Zawinul was one of the greats, I was sad when he left us, really sad. Never managed to catch him live while I had time to do so.

This one's at a low bitrate (160 kbs), but it's fun and it features Otto Lechner and Maria João sitting in with the Zawinul Syndicate, so it just has to be good, right?

Joe Zawinul Syndicate & Guests
Jazzsommer Graz
Graz (Austria), Mariahilferplatz
August 2, 2002

Joe Zawinul - keyboards, voice
Amit Chatterjee - guitar, voice
Etienne M'Bappé - electric bass, voice
Paco Sery - drums, voice
Manolo Badrena - percussion, voice

Maria João - voice (#5,6,8)
Otto Lechner - accordion (#6,8)

1. fm intro (0:54)
2. East 12th Street Band (9:15)
3. Lost Tribes (8:40)
4. dj comments (1:17)
5. Caico (5:51)
6. Oper (5:38)
7. dj comments II (0:21)
8. Rooftops of Vienna (18:54)
9. unknown (3:52) [inc]

TT: 54:48

Sound: A/A-
Source: Radio Steiermark, re-broadcast / 2009-05-11
Lineage: DVB-S (SkyStar 2) @160 kbps, 48kHz > mpg > ProjextX > mp2 -> mp3DirectCut -> dime

Actually there have been three shows at Graz by this band, 2002-08-01, 2002-08-02, 2002-08-03.
According to "rillenheini" (best wishes and thanks!) the first two evenings were recorded by Austrian radio station "ORB". This recording has been made on the 2nd of August, as ORB-DJ Ernst Grohotolsky has told to "rillenheini". The setlist also stems from Mister Grohotolsky.


ubu said...

again, thanks a lot to the seeder on dime!

MP2 (tagged) + info:

Jazzjet said...

Thanks a lot for this and adding to the Zawinul Syndicate stockpile.