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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Randy Weston - Chicago 1984 (with Johnny Griffin, Richard Davis & Art Blakey)

Quite an all star band on this one... you get Randy Weston doing three solo pieces, then a great take of "Niger Mambo" in duo with Art Blakey at the traps, followed by a tenor/bass duo of Griff & the amazing Richard Davis ("Body and Soul" - what else?), and finally they all get together for some blowing on "Now's the Time" and "Wee".

Needless to say I was all over this when it was up on dime... long story, I lost it, got it back (in trade from jazzrita - thank you!) and did the usual editing. It's one of my favourites, that's for sure!

Randy Weston
Jazz Festival
Chicago, IL (USA)
September 2, 1984

Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
Randy Weston - piano
Richard Davis - bass
Art Blakey - drums

1. Announcement by Randy Weston (0:29)
2. Night in M'Bari (5:51) [RW solo]
3. The Healers (8:39) [RW solo]
4. Penny Packer Blues (6:08) [RW solo]
5. Announcement by Randy Weston / FM voiceover (0:48)
6. Niger Mambo (7:53) [RW/AB duo]
7. Announcement by Randy Weston & Johnny Griffin > tuning (1:50) [cuts in]
8. Body and Soul (11:40) [JG/RD duo]
9. Now's the Time (9:38) [quartet]
10. Wee (5:21) [quartet]

TT: 58:24

Sound: A-
Source: radio broadcast

:: ubu edits & note ::

In the info I got the setlist was wrong (The Healers, Penny Packer Blues, Ann, Night in M'BariWeston announces #1 as being Night in M'Bari > The Healers > Penny Packer Blues!

Retracked whole show
Deleted silence & added fade-in at beginning of #1
Split up #2-7 (was #2)
Added a fade-out before the dropout at the end of #6
Merged tuning with #7 (was #3)
Deleted a bit of duplication before and after a dropout at end of #8
Split up #9-10 (was #5)


ubu said...


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Arcturus said...

what a stunning (& unusual) line-up! thank you, so much, for this & all else you've been sharing

Miklos said...

Wish I had been there... Thanks for sharing this wonderful and unprecedented gang!

just duets said...

mon chere Ubu. great sound and cast. also i like the various grouping of the musicians. some solo and duets are never enough especially when ad hoc pairings.