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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ceu - Cologne 2009

In my humble opinion, CéU is one of the hottest new acts that has appeared in the past few years. I got both her CDs and was lucky enough to see her on her CD release tour last fall. Here's a radio broadcast of another concert from that tour. Check her out!

I couldn't positively i-d #10 - it's on neither of the CDs.

Köln (Germany), Stadtgarten
October 25, 2009

Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças - vocals
Guilherme Ribeiro - keyboards, guitar, accordion
Lucas Martins - electric bass, vocals
Bruno Buarque - drums
DJ Marco - turntables

1. fm intro (0:38)
2. Sobre O Amor E Seu Trabalho Silencioso (1:21)
3. Espaçonave (3:37)
4. Comadi (3:49)
5. Malemolência (4:10)
6. Lenda (4:29)
7. Grain de Beauté (4:25)
8. Nascente (4:49)
9. Cangote (5:41)
10. Visco da Jaga (4:59)
11. Bubuia (3:26)
12. Ponteiro (4:57)
13. 10 Contados (3:34)
14. Papa (1:23)
15. Cordão da Insônia (4:50)
16. Ave Cruz (4:41)
17. Rainha (6:35) [fm voiceover at beginning]

TT: 67:33

Sound: A
Lineage: FM (analog cable) - SpinDoctor - Audacity 1.3.2 - xACT

Funkhaus Europa
World Live

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ubu said...

M4A (tagged) + info

sorry, no FLAC this time...

Andrew52 said...

I was blown away by the striking quality of the b&w images that accompany your film viewing lists in light of which I could not resist the opportunity to listen to this enthusiastically recommended artist. Many thanks for the effort to share.

ubu said...

As I always say: everything is connected :-)

Luro said...

I don't know this artist. I suppose she is very good,as you post her. Thank you Ubu.

Sapeins.Choek said...

Can you re-up this show please!!? Thanks!

Sapeins.Choek said...

you must re-post this!!! she is an anegl! help us! just once.... just this time... CEU, CEU, CEU..... !!!

Unknown said...

I've been a big fan of her since 2009... there are others to check out including Luisa Maita, Bia, Katia B., M. Aydar, Celso Fonseca..