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Friday, April 02, 2010

Harry Carney Centennial Celebration (2/5)

Harry Carney – Centennial Celebration
Boston, Massachusets, April 1, 1910 – New York, October 14, 1974

The second volume continues the great small group sessions from the 1940s, including Carney's own H.R.S. session. He composed "Chili Con Carney" for Sandy Williams' session for the same label, and he was featured on a magnificient "Why Was I Born" on the Wax session with Johnny Hodges, Jimmy Jones, Lawrence Brown and Billy Strayhorn.


ubu said...

Discography - CD2/63:12

November 5, 1945 – Sandy Williams' Big Eight
New York City – HRS

Joe Thomas (tp), Sandy Williams (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Harry Carney
(bari), Jimmy Jones (p), Brick Fleagle (g), Sid Weiss (b), Shelly Manne (d)

Moutain Air (Tab Smith-Edmund Anderson) 3:03
Sumpin' Jumpin' Round Here (Brick Fleagle) 3:00
After Hours on Dream Street (Brick Fleagle) 3:20
Chili Con Carney (Harry Carney) 2:38

November 21, 1945 – Jimmy Hamilton and the Duke's Men
WOR Studios, New York City – Blue Note

Ray Nance (tp), Henderson Chambers (tb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl), Otto
Hardwicke (as,cl), Harry Carney (bari,cl), Jimmy Jones (p), Oscar
Pettiford (b), Sid Catlett (d)

Old Uncle Bud (Otto Hardwick-M. Jefferson) 2:59
Blues for Clarinet (Jimmy Hamilton) 4:19
Slapstick (Jimmy Hamilton) 4:07
Blues in My Music Room (Jimmy Hamilton) 3:10

Note: on Blues for Clarinet, Carney plays (cl) during the theme, but
(bari) in solo

January 10, 1946 – Jimmy Jones' Big Eight
New York City – HRS

Joe Thomas (tp), Lawrence Brown (tb), Otto Hardwick (as), Ted Nash (ts),
Harry Carney (bari), Jimmy Jones (p), Billy Taylor (b), Shelly Manne (d)

Old Juice on the Loose (Harry Carney) 3:12
Departure from Dixie (Harry Carney) 3:03
A Woman's Got a Right to Change Her Mind (Irene & J.C. Higginbotham) 3:27
Muddy Miss (Brick Fleagle) 3:05

March 18, 1946 – Harry Carney's Big Eight
New York City – HRS

Joe Thomas (tp), Lawrence Brown (tb), Otto Hardwick (as), Ted Nash (ts,cl),
Harry Carney (bari,bcl), Jimmy Jones (p), Billy Taylor (b), Jimmy Crawford

Minor Mirage (Jimmy Jones) 2:43
Jamaica Rumble (Harry Carney) 2:38
Shadowy Sounds (alternate take) (Jimmy Jones) 3:42
Shadowy Sounds (Jimmy Jones) 2:45
Candy Cane (Harry Carney) 3:13

1947 – Johnny Hodges / Jimmy Jones / Harry Carney / Lawrence Brown
New York – Wax

Lawrence Brown (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Harry Carney (bari), Jimmy Jones
(p), Billy Taylor (b), Billy Strayhorn (d)

Key Largo (Benny Carter) 2:38

same date & location

Lawrence Brown (tb), Johnny Hodges (as), Harry Carney (bari), Billy
Strayhorn (p), Billy Taylor (b), unknown (d)

Why Was I Born (Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein II) 3:12
Triple Play (Billy Strayhorn) 2:38

ubu said...

Get the music here, here, and here

I forgot to say: these are all tagged FLAC files, but you can also get cover art (self-made, hope there aren't too many typos there) here

BlueNote97 said...

I congratulate you. This is a labour of love and justice. Pas de doute que vous etes un grand connoisseur.
Merci beaucoup.

Peter said...

Looks brilliant! Never heard these. Thank you very much!!!

Agamemnon Padar said...

I am speechless of the dedication you have put into this project. You are doing justice to one of the sadly most underrated and neglected musicians in history of jazz. I am raising a cold german beer to you from germany for this great work! Thank you mate