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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lenny Popkin - Paris 2002

Now here's a very special contribution, shared kindly by bhowani. It took me a while to edit the raw files I got, I did my best to remove clicks and make the listening as seemless as possible (since the moderators of the fine French jazz live show "Jazz Club" talk in between most tunes, there were a lot, and there remain some rough cuts).

Anyway, let's skip the technicalities and delve into the music. Popkin is one of the survivors of the Lennie Tristano school - and arguably one of the finest performing tenor players of these days where individualism is so trendy but can hardly be found. Popkin was born in 1941 and together with his wife Carol Tristano (son of Lennie's), pianist Connie Crothers (known also for collaborations with Max Roach) and a few others carries the flame and keeps the Tristano brand of jazz alive.

Also, Lenny Popkin doesn't take place in the web... or hardly does.

A video from this very concert can be viewed here. Another video with Gilles Naturel on bass can be found here.

And finally, there's a french interview here (including a discography at the end).

Lenny Popkin
Paris (France), Sunset
April 2, 2002

Lenny Popkin - tenor sax
Jean-Philippe Viret - bass
Carol Tristano - drums

CD1/63:01 - Set 1 & Set 2
1. unknown (4:14)
2. Just Friends (3:25)
3. Body and Soul (4:20)
4. All the Things You Are (2:46)
5. You Don't Know What Love Is (7:46)
6. unknown (5:03)
7. I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me (4:54)
8. How Deep Is the Ocean (10:43)
9. It Could Happen to You (8:22)
10. Out of Nowhere (5:44)
11. I'll Remember April (5:37)

CD2/39:26 - Set 3 & Interviews
1. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (2:03)
2. unknown (4:32)
3. (Back Home Again in) Indiana (5:18)
4. Embraceable You (5:05)
5. On Green Dolphin Street (7:09)
6. There Will Never Be Another You (4:07)
7. Stella by Starlight (5:26)
8. Lenny Popkin Interview (2:05)
9. Jean-Philippe Viert Interview (3:37)

TT: 102:27

Sound: A/A- (some glitches, noise, rough cut-ins/outs etc)
Source: France Musique "Jazz Club" / 2002
Lineage: FM > ? > WAV > Cool Edit Pro > TLH > FLAC (8,asb)

:: ubu edits ::

on all tracks: left channel 4.5dB boost, then 6dB boost on both channels
removed many clicks in CD1#5-7, CD2#5-6
deleted some dropouts where I found them
smoothened marks, added fades & silence between tracks where necessary

:: note from bhowani ::

bon voilà ce concert du trio de popkin à paris retransmis par la radio en FM.
comme je le disais dans mon post, j'avais demandé à un de mes amis de l' ne suis donc pas capable de préciser les données techniques...

il y a les imperfections classiques des broadcasts radio et quelques morceaux sont TRES douloureusement coupés..
mais pour les amoureux de Popkin, le Pierrot Lunaire encore plus lunaire que Marsh, quasi désincarné, cet enregistrement est unique...

J'étais au premier rang...hypnotized...Grand souvenir musical, goose flesh while writing these lines...
N'hésitez pas à me demander plus de détails...j'ai laissé les 2 interviews en français.... .

Le tout est l'intégrale du concert retransmis sur France Musique en y a eu 3 sets au total
les 2 premiers sont sur le CD 1
et le 3ème avec les 2 interviews sur le CD 2


ubu said...

links (FLAC):

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

ubu said...

If you can help pinning down the unidentified tracks, please post a comment!

sasha said...

Looks very interesting..A completely unknown player to me..Many thanks for the post ubu.,It looks like a standards gig all the way so I might recognise those untitled tracks.

Bhowani said...


dear ubu

while opening with winrar, I get this message : "...part6.rar : l'en-tête du fichier "???" est corrompu" (file corrupted)

therefore tracks 6 to 9 are missing

could you please check it...? is there any 7th file ?

thanks a lot anyway

ubu said...

fix link

Hope all's ok now - let the MD5 and FFP do their job, and let me know!

SlimStew said...

thanks, ubu. Really looking forward to hearing this. I remember hearing, but not hearing, the Tristano/Popkin Quartet at he Bimhuis years ago and just not getting it, but since then I've come to love the music of Tristano and his major disciples so it'll be good to hear these with (more) mature ears.

Melville said...

Hi - thanks for posting this concert - LP is one of my all time favourites!

To my ears the unknown tracks are as follows
Disc 1
#1 - you'd be so nice to come home to
#6 - Star Eyes

Disc 2
#2 - I remember you
#5 - How High The Moon (NOT green dolphin st)

Hope this helps

hulaboy said...

Mahalo nui loa, Ubu. I've always liked Mr. Popkin's playing but hadn't heard him in a while.

Kane said...

All links are dead, please re-upload.