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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre - Nancy 1977

Danilo Parra's film about Kalaparusha (posted ten days ago on the Guardian website) has created quite some stir on the web - and rightly so!

I'm at a loss of words about this... just go watch the film yourself. And as a little footnote, read on here (and watch the beautiful film-stills).

Heartbreaking indeed!

In 2003, Fred Jung has conducted a short interview, which can be found on AAJ.

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre Quartet
Nancy (France), Jazzpulsations
October 11, 1977

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre - tenor sax
Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet
Brian Smith - bass
Charlie Persip - drums

1. Morning Prayer (19:18)

Sound: A-
Source/Lineage: FM - Copy from master - Maxell XLII 90 – Denon CDR 1000 –flac –dime


ubu said...

FLAC (tagged) + info:

This one came with a track by the Barry Altschul Quartet (feat. Byard Lancaster and George Lewis) from the following day. I want the rare Kalaparusha to stand on its own here, but the Altschul will follow in a few days.

Subarashi Hinode said...

I'm late for work because I could not stop watching the video. Speechless.

I don't know how they found him but I hope the video can somehow help him.

Thank you for sharing.

I'll keep a look out for his Cd.

Take care,

sasha said...

Yea thanks for the prompt to the video..One of those wonderfully inventive musicians whose work I've heard and admired over many years..And judging from that two bowed bass set-up in the film he's still thinking outside the box so to speak..You know America is littered, literally littered, with these stories..The list is endless..What does it tell us? A society that places little value on the creative arts that don't ring the cash registers..And a society that allows its citizens to sink into almost third-world conditions (i.e no welfare state)..The result of a system that extols this so-called American dream where every man is told he can bacome president (but also destitute)..I have great love for the culture produced by men such as Mr McIntyre but little regard for the system that they live in..Many thanks for the blast from the past..'77 is vintage McIntyre and that group looks stunning.

nick said...

powerful, sad, and beautiful -- and kind of incredible that his attitude is just to go and put his music before the people, regardless of monetary compensation. thank you for pointing this out, and for some more Kalaparusha.

Sivad said...

Great musicians!!

danilo said...

Hey...Danilo Parra here...This film has already come to help Kalaparusha. The money from the Guardian was split between him and I, and I am making DVD's of the film with some extra bonus footage that I will sell and split the proceeds with Kalaparusha as well. If your interested in a copy of the film let me know:

Thanks for all your incredible comments and I'm so happy to know much of you still remember Kalaparusha and follow his work. To me, thats amazing, and I'll pass that on to him.

Arcturus said...

short but very very swwet - thanks for posting it, ubu

I had the privilege of hearing him live once in the late 70's at Studio Rivbea

& Danilo Parra: thank you for that sensitive, touching 'slice of life' - really lovely job there

maddening as it is to see such a master musician in such circumstances, it's even more sobering to realize that there are many others in even more dire straits, w/out the opportunity to make recordings for CIMP . . .

JC said...

Thank you and thanks for the link. I'd not seen that. As others note here this country is beyond crazy but also rapidly approaching its death throes.