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Friday, October 29, 2010

Marion Brown - Köln 1977

r.i.p. Marion Brown

The third of five sets I'll be sharing for the moment - there are more around, of course, but these five were all shared five and a half years ago on EZT/dime and I figure there must be some interest, after all these years!

Marion Brown Quartet
Köln (Germany), Funkhaus
March 13, 1977

Marion Brown - alto sax
Brandon K. Ross - guitar
Jack Gregg - bass
Steve McCraven - drums

1. 08:15
2. 08:22
3. 12:48
4. 13:38
5. 11:49

TT: 54:55

Sound: varying between A- and B+
Source: fm > ? > cdr > eac(secure) > wav > shntool > flacfrontend > flac(7)

- deleted 2 second gaps
- moved mark #0/#1 (#1/#2) (-2 sec)
- added fade out at end of #2 (#3)
- moved mark #3/#4 (#4/#5) (+5 sec), deleted half a second of duplication there, too
- moved mark #4/#5 (#5/#6) (-2 sec), deleted silence after #5 (#6)

Note: omitted fm announcer at beginning and end (#1 and #7 of Flac-files) when
burning (files saved on back-up DVD)


ubu said...

As usual, all thanks go to the kind seeder on dime - the small jazz community (small in terms of folks actively spreading and sharing music, alas)).

FLAC (tagged) + info:

Hookfinger said...

Bang up tribute - look forward to the rest. Many thanks.

Sivad said...

Thanks a lot!

Taylor said...

the marion brown stuff is fantastic would never hear it if it wasn't here -- thanks