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Monday, June 17, 2013

Don Cherry - Stuttgart 1966 & 1968

Two short sets from Stuttgart's Liederhalle - Cherry with his great 1966 quintet, which can also be heard on three fine releases on ESP-Disk, and with the New York Total Music Company in 1968.

Not a re-upload, I think, but brand-spanking-new to this blog.

Don Cherry
Stuttgart (DE), Liederhalle

Don Cherry Quintet - May 12, 1966
[TT: 44:04]

Don Cherry - trumpet
Gato Barbieri - tenor sax
Karl Berger - piano, vibes
Jean-François Jenny-Clark - bass
Aldo Romano - drums

1. Medley: The Wind, Sand And Stars, Early Bird Suite (8:09)
2. Elephantasy (22:08)
3. Orfeo Negro (13:45)

note: bass player is JF Jenny-Clark (see comments), please fix the info after downloading!

New York Total Music Company - June 26, 1968 [TT: 22:17]

Don Cherry - trumpet, flutes, voice
Karl Berger - piano, vibes
Kent Carter - bass
Jacques Thollot - drums
all - percussion, little instruments

4. Tune In (2:21)
5. Folk Tales (10:02)
6. Let's Go (9:53)

TT: 66:18

Sound: A/A-
Source: SWR2 "Jazz Session" / 2006-11-23
Lineage: DVB-S@192, 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)


ubu said...

MP2 (fully tagged) + info:

sasha said...

Wow..Another amazing looking post ubu..Many thanks.

JC said...

Thanks. I seem to have missed this one back when. It would be nice if they'd rebroadcast these since it seems SWR has upped the bitrate since 2006.

Nick said...

very nice. Thank you for these!

chuchuni said...

Priceless. Thank you very much.

Karl Berger said...

Karl Berger here:
The bass player was not Bo Stief but J.F.Jenny-Clark, who was the bassist in Complete Communion.
Bo played with us in Copenhagen only, when J.F. could not come with us from Paris.

"Priceless" is right, because these are bootlegs.

ubu said...

Thanks for chiming in with this additional info, Mr. Berger!

As for the freeloading ... I know, it's a difficult topic. I hope though that most others that do collect these radio and live recordings do the same as I do - and that is: buy official music all the time, and attend as many concerts as possible (and buy music from artists at shows, knowing that way the really profit from sales).