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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Amy Winehouse - Arendal 2007 (Hove Festival)

Damn, it will soon be two years that Amy Winehouse has left us. Let's not forget her!

This is another re-post of what must have been one of the most downloaded sets up here.

Amy Winehouse
Hove Festival
Arendal (Norway)
June 26, 2007

1. Addicted (3:14)
2. Just Friends (3:31)
3. Tears Dry On Their Own (3:25)
4. He Can Hold On Her (3:00)
5. Cherry (2:44)
6. Back To Black (4:33)
7. Wake Up Alone (4:25)
8. Love Is A Losing Game (2:45)
9. Cupid (3:55)
10. Hey Little Rich Girl (3:43)
11. Monkey Man (3:15)
12. You Know I'm No Good (4:49)
13. Rehab (3:45)
14. Me And Mr. Jones (2:55)
15. Valerie (4:12)

TT: 54:17

Sound: A
Lineage: CDR (preFM) - xACT



ubu said...

MP3 (VBR) + info:

cvllos said...

I dig she!!!
Such a powerful voice she had.
Seemed like those old blues women.

Slidewell said...

A career that had barely begun. So sad. Thanks for this!