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Monday, February 10, 2014

Barry Altschul - Nancy 1977

Barry Altschul Quartet
Nancy (France), Jazzpulsations
October 12, 1977

George Lewis - trombone
Byard Lancaster - soprano & alto sax, flute
Dave Holland - bass, cello
Barry Altschul - drums

2. You Can't Name Your Own Tune (34:11)

Sound: A-
Source/Lineage: FM - Copy from master - Maxell XLII 90 – Denon CDR 1000 –flac –dime

(companion to the Kalaparusha set also re-upped recently)


ubu said...


mike said...

thanks for this, I have the LP version of this, fantastic to find a live version!

Chris said...

Thanks Ubu glad to find this

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

"What we have here is Lancaster stepping in for SamRivers eight months after the recording sessions for Altschul's "You Can't Name Your Own Tune," and they do the entire Side-A of the record as a continuous suite." - Joe-Steve Dude, esq.

Thanks King!,