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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hampton Hawes Trio - Paris 1971

Hampton Hawes
Paris (France), Studio 104
June 25, 1971

Hampton Hawes - piano
Henri Franklin - bass
Mike Carvin - drums

1. Introduction by André Francis (1:00)
2. High in the Sky / Black Forest Blues (22:36)
3. The Guy's in Love with You (13:00)
4. Carmel (15:27)

TT: 52:06

Source/Lineage: Le bleu la nuit (France Musique) / dvb-s (mp2, 256 kbps) / mp3directcut / mp2

Thanks for the files and share to the kind folks over on dime!


ubu said...

Brush&Stick said...

Thanks for this post! Just saw a partial video of this on youtube, but they had the date wrong (1974). Great stuff though! Thanks again!

chuchuni said...

Thanks Ubu, you don't see many Hawes boots :)