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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bobby Hutcherson/Harold Land - 1969/70

In memory of Bobby Hutcherson (1941-2016), the great vibraphone player that was part of so many classic Blue Note albums and pursued an interesting career for many years. Thank you for the great music.

Bobby Hutcherson/Harold Land Quintet

Bobby Hutcherson - vibes
Harold Land - tenor sax
Stanley Cowell - piano
Reggie Johnson - bass
Joe Chambers - drums

note: Hal Galper - piano (for Cowell on Hamburg 1970 recording)

Juan-les-Pins Festival, Antibes (France) - July 26, 1969

1. Same Shame (Hutcherson) 14:14
2. The Peace-Maker (Land) 13:57
3. Spiral (Chambers) 15:21
4. Blues Mind Matter (Hutcherson) 16:29

Stockholm (Sweden) - July 28, 1969

[FM intro (0:11)]
1. Total Eclipse (21:06)
2. Theme from "Blow Up" (17:11)
3. The Peacemaker (13:25)
4. Man on Mercury (7:02)

Hamburg (Germany) - May 29, 1970 

1. Four 12:00
2. Oleo 10:43

Hamburg (Germany) - August 1969

3. Same Shame 16:55 >
4. Theme From "Blow Up" 20:22
5. Oleo (incomplete, fades out) 7:37


ubu said...


francisco santos said...

what a nice way to say we love him...

ubu said...

previous post with some interesting discussion in the comments:

anon'n'on said...

saw him w/ ellis marsalis as a duo,thanks

Lenniebird said...

Wonderful! Thanks for the reup - I had this on a computer that died and I failed to back up. Any chance for those other shows?

ubu said...

What are "those other shows"?

Lenniebird said...

Ok, I was confused as to the listing and rechecked - looks like they are all there. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the reup.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

thanks for gathering and publishing these. hutch was a GIANT. you can be a horn player or piano player or drummer and be a giant in the books, but thanks in large part to Hampton's audacity, Hutch's humility, Milt's singular dominance, I'm not sure the vibes player will ever really push through. it pissed me off to see those headlines describing Hutch was "a colorful vibraphonist." Imagine an obit "Wayne Shorter, dark-toned saxophonist" or "Charles Mingus, loud double-bassist." Hutch could rise above any circumstance and bring the attentive higher with him. Sure, family took precedence in the 70's, but check out "Head-On" or "Live at Montreux" and tell me he sold-out! "Montara" & "Un Pollo Loco" are not average fusion statements. Hear the tragic emotion on Andrew Hill's "Siete Ocho," the gentle urgency of "Aquarian Moon," and the joyfully self-effacing superhero quotation on the Four Season's "Star Eyes." Vast open heart, massive facility, exploratory mind...he had it all. "Colorful vibraphonist!"

Sphere said...

Thanks once again for these shows, which have been intermittently available since the original upload, which are a fantastic tribute to Bobby at a time when his music was restlessly seeking new places with new partners...a tremendous loss to all music lovers...

JazzHound said...

Along with others, big kudos for uploading these. I'm wondering if anyone else had "broken file" problems with downloads.

When I downloaded, I got a broken file for the Hamburg concert for "02 Oleo"

For the Antibes concert in both downloads (part 1 and part 2) I got a broken file for "03 Spiral."

For both Stockholm downloads I got a broken file on "26t02" which correlates to "The Peacemaker."

Other materials all came through fine. Note I tried the Antibes concert twice.

ubu said...

Sorry to hear this ... will have to check my files if I have a free minute (don't have too many of 'em these days) - no idea how many people grabbed these so far, but no one else has reported any issues.

JazzHound said...

Thanks again, Ubu! I'll keep my eyes (and ears) open to see what you come up with.

ubu said...

Oleo (#2 from the Hamburg 1969-70) set is corrupt on my end as well. Of course that's the one for which I have to go through various external drives ... theothers unpacked perfectly on my end, no errors at all, so maybe keep trying?


Antibes 1: 209'715'200 Bytes
Antibes 2: 135'490'620 Bytes
Stockholm 1: 209'715'200 Bytes
Stockholm 2: 120'598'086 Bytes

Will try and check for the 1969-70 Hamburg one, but likely in a week only (will go to Willisau jazz festival this Saturday/Sunday) - remind me please if I forget.

Сергей Латышев said...

And thank YOU for that! So great! Best wishes for you & your blog.

frightwig said...

"Oleo" from Hamburg is corrupted on my download, too.

Thanks for sharing the shows. I believe that the '69-70 Hutcherson-Land concerts are not only peaks in Hutcherson's career, but some of the best live recordings I've ever heard. Oh, to be at the Juan les Pins festival in 1969 and witness both Hutcherson and Miles Davis in person. Well, now that Hutcherson is gone, maybe Blue Note will be spurred to give the recordings an official release, at last. Should've been done long ago.

ubu said...

Sorry for the delay - new links for the Hamburg shows (both 1969 and 1970) - not sure what went wrong last time.

rodney golden said...

I had been on a Bobby Hutcherson bent for the last couple of months, and actually learned of his transition to ancestry several days after. However, my contemplation on his work was timely, overlapping/shadowing the news precisely. I was searching diligently for these dates to further complete my collection; and Voila! SPIRITUAL! Thanks, and please attend to the availability of these uploads for some time in his remembrance, and for obvious historical significance. ;)

Simon666 said...

Catching all these a year on, thanks Ubu!