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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A l'improviste & other shows of interest on France Musique

My latest seed on dime (see next post!) comes from the "concerts extérieures" part of Anne Montaron's great show "A l'improviste" on Radio France (France Musique, to be exact - the link's right there, to your right...). I am a big fan of the regular show (which is held bi-weekly in the studios of of Radio France and before the "concerts extérieurs" were added, also on location, always with an audience present and with Madame Montaron doing some interviews that are often quite enlightening. The "concerts extérieurs" only are on the air since last September - alternating bi-weekly with the in-studio show - and are a very nice addition to the show, even moreso since it now takes place once week!
But then, a couple of months ago the powers at Radio France wanted the show to have an end, creating a bit of stir - a petition was started on Citizen Jazz and it seems for the the danger is banned. The latest letter, right on top of the petition-site, indicates that the show will soon be held at the same time, weekly (the "concerts extérieurs" so far were held on Wednesdays from 3-4 p.m. - good thing I only work part-time...), which is really good news! So I propose all fans of improvised music and even more so all fans of Mme Montaron's great radio show, "A l'improviste", pop up a bottle of their favourite booze (or lemonade) to celebrate!

By the way, for those not partial to the dime way of life, the shows on France Musique can be heard as a webstream for a while after they've been broadcast. It seems however, that what had been possible for a whole week is now restricted to 24 hours, only, thus you have to act fast if you're interested. Some shows of interest:

Xavier Prévot's "Le jazz, probablement..."
(Monday, midnight to 1 a.m.)

Anne Montaron's "A l'improviste" (l'émission)
(Wednesday, midnight to 1 a.m. - bi-weekly)
Anne Montaron's "A l'improviste"
(les concerts extérieurs) (Wednesday, 3-4 p.m. - bi-weekly)

Philippe Carles' "Jazz à contre-courant"
(Sunday, midnight to 1 a.m.)

Claude Carrièrre & Jean Delmas' "Jazz Club"
(Friday 11 p.m.-Saturday 1 a.m. - not sure this can be streamed!)

Alex Dutilh's "Jazz de coeur, jazz de pique"
(Friday, 7 p.m.)

Xavier Prévost's "Jazz sur le vif"
(Wednesday, 4-5 p.m.)

Franck Médioni's "Jazzistiques"
(Friday, 1:40 p.m.)

Alain Gerber's "Le Jazz est un roman"
(Monday-Friday, 6-7 p.m.)

And last but not least:
Arièle Butaux's great "Un mardi idéal"
(Tuesday, 8-10 p.m.)

The shows I regularly listen to (or download from dime) are those where (commercially unreleased) live music is involved, mainly: "Jazz Club", "Jazz sur le vif" and "Le jazz probablement" in the jazz area, plus "A l'improviste" (both shows if possible!) and "Un mardi idéal", where usually you have some classical musicians, some jazzers, plus any others, ranging from chanson to world, Chopin to gypsy jazz... that show, as "A l'improviste (l'emission)" also has interviews between the music.

Clicking through the sites, it seems that none of the shows can still be heard for a whole week after they took place, and quite possibly some can't be re-listened later at all. I guess all of this may have legal reasons... anyway, the web-radio savvy will have to listen to these shows live as they take place, if they're interested! Of course good ole cable radio as I use it is another option in superior sound... (I assume DAB might be nice, but I don't feel at all like getting into that, now!)

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