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Friday, June 08, 2007

Barney Wilen - Paris 1989 - now on dime

Barney Wilen - Paris 1989 - now on dime

Barney Wilen is one of my favourite jazz musicians, no doubt! Our crazy friend Norm seeded an abridged version of this 1989 Paris concert yesterday, I dropped him a note to let him know I have more. He then pulled his version and the mods went all wild about it, it seems... hence I acted quick and prepared my own version for seed last night, and there 'tis:

The Barney Wilen Story
Barney Wilen website


Barney Wilen Quartet
Paris (FR), Petit Opportun
September 27, 1989

Barney Wilen - tenor & soprano sax
Jacky Terrasson - piano
Gilles Naturel - bass
Peter Gritz - drums

Wilen is on soprano on CD2#1 and CD2#4 and plays tenor on all others

1. Someday My Prince Will Come (7:29) [fades in]
2. Little Lu (Sonny Rollins) 6:29 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:03]
3. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins) 9:14 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:08]
4. Night in Tunisia (Gillespie-Paparelli) 8:47
5. Bass Blues (John Coltrane) 10:12 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:02]
6. No Problem (Duke Jordan) 10:09 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:03]

1. All Blues (Miles Davis) 9:12
2. Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velasquez) 6:50
3. Port Of Spain Shuffle (6:00)
4. 'Round Midnight (Monk-Hanighen-Williams) 9:05 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:06]
5. Poinciana (Bernice Petkere) 8:06
6. Oleo (Sonny Rollins) 7:16 [fm voiceover 0:00-0:20]

TT: 98:55

Sound: A-
Source: France Musique "Jazz Club" / 1989-09-27
Lineage: FM > CDR in trade > EAC (secure) > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Edited & seeded by ubu

Note on edits:
- all FM talk removed, as far as possible without losing any of the music
- deleted fm talk at end of #1-5,9,11,12
- added fade-in (not from zero!) at beginning of #3,4,10,11 (was far too loud since the announcer mic caught much of the music, too)
- applied 6 dB cut at beginning #5,11,12 for same reason
- added fade-out at end of all tracks
- deleted short bits of noisy silence at end of #7-10,12
- during the applause following the tunes you can hear where the announcer mic is turned on (applause gets louder) - I didn't edit that as usually around there I began the fade-outs

Note on sound:
- #5 all of a sudden has lots more of fm hiss, but it gets better again later, yet remains a bit inconsistent
- an A- rating seems fair, alltogether, though it may start out at A/A- and get close to A-/B+ at some moments


erdbeertorten said...

im so sorry the terrent-link is dead,so long,from endi

ubu said...

Explanation here:

It was never my intent to share all that I ever put up on dime here, too - more work than I could ever handle, sorry!