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Friday, June 08, 2007

Colin Vallon Trio - Zurich 2007 - now on dime

Samuel Rohrer / Colin Vallon / Patrice Moret

Colin Vallon's a very talented young piano player from the Romandie. He played at the jazzclub Moods in Zurich two days ago. Yours truly was there right at the front taping the proceedings and I'm happy to offer them on dime now:

The trio's drummer, Samuel Rohrer is a force of nature, one of the greatest drummers I ever heard, truly! Bassist Patrice Moret was a bit low in the mix alas, I tried to fix that a bit in Cool Edit, but since he was low at the actual concert, not too much could have been done. Moret has played with Erik Legnini, for instance, and also with Patrick Muller's trio.


Colin Vallon Trio
Zurich (CH), Moods
June 6, 2007

Colin Vallon - piano
Patrice Moret - bass
Samuel Rohrer - drums & little instruments

1. Stage Intro (1:07)
2. unknown (19:09)
3. unknown (29:31)
4. unknown (14:33)

1. Trenke, Todorke (Bulgarian folk song) 31:16 *
2. Announcement CV (1:00)
3. Je ne sais pas (Jacques Brel) 14:05

TT: 110:44

Sound: A-/B+
Source: audience recording
Lineage: crappy sony mic > MD > HD > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC (8,asb,verify)
Taped & seeded by ubu

* cut out dropouts: @ 1:01.49 (1.37sec), @ 14:34.15 (0.6sec), @ 16:02.86 (1.09sec)

Taped in front row, center.
Bass in centre, drums on right, piano on left side of stereo spread (very modest stereo spread, as usual).
I did some tweaking to get a bit more of bass, but the bass was often hard to hear in the actual concert, so it can't be too great on the recording, anyway. Moret has a beautiful and actually big sound - he played without pick-up, just had a microphone in front of his bass, which is something I adore and far too many bassists do nowadays (I saw Buster Williams with Benny Golson's Clifford Brown tour, and of course Williams is a giant, but the sound he got with that pick-up was downright ugly and a huge letdown). Anyway, the sound honchos that evening obviously didn't really care about the bass being audible... too bad. But to hear Moret better, go listen to my Patrick Muller trio EspaceJazz seed, recorded almost exaclty a year ago, June 19, at RSR studio in Lausanne.
The drums are too loud in some spots (CD1#4 at the beginning, for instance), but that, too, reflects the balance of the actual sound at the concert.


Check out Colin Vallon's new recording with this same trio on hat hut records:

hatOLOGY 636
Colin Vallon Trio

The members of this band all share a strong awareness of sound quality and timbre, which sets them apart from other musicians.
Three distinct instrumental voices – Vallon’s «singing» piano, Pat Moret’s «full reverberating» bass and Samuel Rohrer’s «polyvalent» drums – blend into a highly complex ensemble sound; here, too, the band has hardly anything in common with the traditional jazz piano trio conventions.
— Tom Gsteiger

view backcover here

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