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Thursday, June 28, 2007

George Russell 1960 & Various Artists 1959 - Lenox School of Jazz (George Russell Fest #1/7) - now on dime

NOTE: the bonus was not ok for dime, possibly one of the releases wasn't a bootleg, as I thought - look for it to return here in a 320 kbs MP3 version in a few hours!


So then, here's seed #1 of 7: (banned)
New link:

More info on the Lenox Schoof of Jazz (on Mike Fitzgerald's terrific site).


George Russell Sextet
Music Inn, Lenox, Mass. (USA)
September 1960

Al Kiger - trumpet
Dave Baker - trombone
Dave Young - tenor sax
George Russell - piano
Chuck Israels - bass
Joe Hunt - drums

1. Introduction by George Russel (2:04)
2. Things New (8:01)
3. Dance Class (3:45)
4. Potting Shed (4:43)
5. Stratusphunk (6:44)

TT: 25:19

Sound: A-
Source: FM?
Lineage: ? > dime > CDR > EAC (secure) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

Note: all tracks (except #2) begin with short announcements by Russell

***** BONUS *****

Lenox School of Jazz Concert 1959

August 29, 1959

Max Roach, John Lewis Ensemble: Don Cherry-tpt; Ornette Coleman-asx; Kent McGarity-tbn, btpt; Steve Kuhn, Ron Brown-p; Larry Ridley-b; Barry Greenspan-d
6. THE SPHINX (Ornette Coleman)
7. INN TUNE (Margo Guryan)

Kenny Dorham Ensemble: Peter Farmer, Kenny Dorham-tpt; Sture Swenson-bsx, tsx; Paul Dunyhower-tbn; David Lahm, Ran Blake-p; Walter Bernard-b; John Bergamo-d
8. D. C. SPECIAL (Kenny Dorham)

Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Connie Kay Ensemble: Al Kiger-tpt; Ted Casher-tsx; Dick Wright-tbn; Gary McFarland-vbs; Attilla Zoller-g; Dizzy Sal-p; Doug McLaughlin-b; Bill Sharfman-d
9. MONK'S SPHERE (Gary McFarland)
10. JINGLES (Wes Montgomery, arr. Al Kiger)

Jimmy Giuffre F. & M. Schaefer Scholarship Ensemble: Tony Greenwald-tpt; Jimmy Giuffre-ww; Ian Underwood-f; Lenny Popkin-asx; Herb Gardner-tbn; David Mackay-p; John Keyser-b; Paul Cohen-d
11. STRATUSPHUNK (George Russell)
12. RAY'S TIME (Jimmy Giuffre)

Gunther Schuller Ensemble: Perry Robinson-cl; John Eckert-tpt; Don Stewart-tsx; David Baker-btbn; Gunther Schuller-fr hn; Sandy Schmidt, Nico Bunink-p; Mona Neves-b; Bob Fuhlrodt-d

Herb Pomeroy Ensemble: Tony Greenwald, Al Kiger, 2 unknown-tpt; Ornette Coleman, Lenny Popkin-asx; Ian Underwood-f, asx; Ted Casher-tsx; Sture Swenson-bsx?; Herb Gardner, Paul Dunyhower?-tbn; David Baker-btbn; Gary McFarland-vibes; David Mackay-p; John Keyser-b; Paul Cohen-d; Herb Pomeroy-cond
14. TO THEE, O ASPHODEL (Bobby Freedman)
15. PAUL'S PAL (Sonny Rollins)
16. BLUE GRASS (Danny Kent)

TT: 48:45

Sound: A-
Source: Royal Jazz RJD 513 (CD / 1990)
Lineage: EAC (secure) > FLAC (8,asb,verify)

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