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Friday, June 29, 2007

George Russell - Newport 1964 (George Russell Fest #2/7) - now on dime

Part 2 of my George Russell fest is up here, now:


George Russell
Newport Jazz Festival - Newport, RI, July 3, 1964


Don Ellis - trumpet
Dave Baker - trombone
John Gilmore - tenor sax
George Russell - piano
Steve Swallow - bass
Pete LaRoca - drums
Sheila Jordan - vocals

1. Announcement 0:45
2. The Outer View (Russell) 9:06
3. Stratusphunk (Russell) 7:03
4. Volupte (Russell) 12:08
5. You Are My Sunshine (trad., arr. Russell) 10:22


unknown European date - July 1964

Thad Jones - cornet
Joe Farrell - reeds
Garnett Brown - trombone
George Russell - piano
Barre Phillips - bass
Albert "Tootie" Heath - drums

6. 'Round Midnight (Monk-Hanighen-Williams) 6:29 [clipped at the end]


TT: 45:56

Sound: A-/B+
Lineage: sbd > ? > WKCR-FM > ? > cassette > Tascam 122 MK III > Numark 20 band equalizer > HHB CDR 830 > cdr > cdr > eac(secure mode) > flac(level 8)
Additional Lineage: FLAC > WAV > GoldWave > FLAC (8,asb,verify) > EAC (secure) > FLAC (8)

Notes on #6:
- right channel drops out for most of 3:20-end
- personnel came without bass player, I added Phillips; this is the 1964
Paris concert personnel (October 1, 1964)

ubu's Edits:
- separate announcement from #1 (45sec)
- cut promo (end of NEW#2/beginning of NEW#3)
- moved mark NEW#2/NEW#3 (+20sec)
- moved mark NEW#3/NEW#4 (+11sec)
- cut promo (end of NEW#4/beginning of NEW#5)
- moved mark NEW#4/NEW#5 (+24sec)
- moved mark NEW#5/NEW#6 (-3sec)
- deleted 5 second drop-out NEW#6 3:22.5-3:27.5
- delete silence at end of NEW#6 (2sec)


ubu said...

This has been posted on dime as comment:


The information from the program of the New Port Jazz Festival has the following line-up.
Friday afternoon, July 3, 1964
New Faces in Jazz.
The George Russell Sextet: featuring Thad Jones.
George Russell, piano: Thad Jones, cornet; Brian Trentham, trombone: John Gilmore, tenor: Steve Swallow, bass: Albert Heath, drums: Sheila Jordan, vocal


Can anyone shed some light?

Anonymous said...

in a recent interview to a french journal "le journal des allumes du jazz", Barre Phillips talks about his involvement in Russell's group and says that he replaced Steve Swallow when the latter went working with Stan Getz. He add that Russell didn't had a group at that point, and was looking for musicians for a european tour, he gives this line-up: Thad Jones (cnt/tp) Joe Farell (sx), Garnett Brown (tb), Albert Heath (dms) + Russell (p) et Phillips (cb).
Dave Baker had already stopped playing because of a broken jaw (around 1962). I also listened to the recording of this newport concert and I am quite sure it is not a trumpet playing but a cornet. So i think the line-up for newport should be closed to or the same as in Paris.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry I had just added a bit of confusion, listening to the record again, Steve Swallow is announced by Russell, so...apologies. the line-up above must be the one (George Russell, piano: Thad Jones, cornet; Brian Trentham, trombone: John Gilmore, tenor: Steve Swallow, bass: Albert Heath, drums: Sheila Jordan) for Newport, definitely Baker and Ellis were not there. RLR records just put wrong informations.

ubu said...

Thanks for sharing your information! That confirms the info I quoted off that dime comment.
RLR most likely lifted their release from my dime-seed, so... Too bad these crooks can't even do a bit of research for their pirated releases...

Thinktoomuch said...

Ubu, what happened to this one? Dime says:

A torrent with id 152542 doesn't exist on this tracker


ubu said...

That's because after a certain amount of time without any activity, torrents will be deleted from dime. And no, I don't have the time to do re-seeds. If you are looking for something, I'd suggest you'd join that yahoo dime jazz group and post a request there - that has helped me many times!